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If you hate walking in the dark, you definitely should not put your backyard in the dark as well. There are tons of creative ways to utilize outdoor lighting around your home. Read more about outdoor lighting in Malaysia below to find out.

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Vanity Mirror LED Light Bulbs Kit USB Charging Port DIY Comestic Make up Lamp
RM 57.60 RM 64.00

Are you seeking for the Hollywood style LED vanity dimmable mirror light to light up your loveliness when you are making up? What are you waiting for? Here is your best choice. Just come and buy! Features: Smooth bulb surface provides you the softer white light. Excellent high bright SMD2835 LEDs, proving you good illumination, flicker-free and anti-glare light without strobes and radiation, it can keep your eyes away from exhaustion. It's powered by USB charger, USB power bank or laptop, so it is convenient when you want to use it. It equips with memory function, recording the last lighting mode when you use it and it is the same lighting mode when you use it again. 5 levels adjustable brightness by pressing the switch, meeting your different needs under various circumstances. Stretchable string, you can choose the needed length for DIY the mirror shape. Strong sticky tapes for fixing the bulbs, no damage to your furniture. You can design the lamp into your favorite shape with provided sticky tapes for meeting different mirror shapes. Easy to install, just plug and enjoy. Be widely used in dressing rooms, salons, hairdressing rooms etc. Specifications: Input voltage: DC5V Rated power: 20w Type of LED: SMD2835 Quantity of LED: 10/12 PCS (optional) Light color: White (7000k) Lumen flux: 1200lm Level of brightness: 5 Connection of each bulb: series connection Material: Plastic Bulb size: 4 * 3.5cm/ 1.6 * 1.4in (D * H) Length of light: 4.05meters (10pcs) /4.8 meters(12pcs) Interval of each bulb(stretchable): 8.7in(longest)/0.2in(shortest) Length of leading wire: 2.3meters/ 7.5ft Item weight: 184g (10PCS) /204g (12PCS) Package size: 25 3.4cm/ 9.8 1.3in ( L H) Package weight: 295g (10PCS ) /327g (12PCS) Notes: 1. This item is non-waterproof, please use it carefully. 2. Please keep the mirror clean when you install this item. 3. The mirror is not included. Package list: 1 Instruction 20 * Strong sticky tapes #Light

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Good Solar PIR Motion Sensor Floodlight Security
RM 61.20

Features: 100% brand new and high quality The intelligent light has a dusk till dawn or (daylight) sensor installed which means the light will only operate in darkness conserving the battery life throughout day light hours. Mounting bracket and fixings included, so there's no need to call an electrician - simply fix it yourself. Illuminate driveways, gardens patios and more with this super bright motion activated wireless solar security light. The weather resistant design makes it ideal for use on commercial properties, warehouses and storage buildings. The advanced solar panel charges by natural daylight ! No wiring or batteries required! Suitable for outdoor use, fully weather resistant! – Resembles a CCTV camera which helps deter intruders! Daylight sensor ensures light is only activated in darkness to conserve power consumption. Easy to remove from mounting to use as handheld torch! The light's base rotates 180 degrees and the light can be easily removed from the fitting turning the light into a a hand held torch. Wall mounted fixtures included Specifications: Solar panel: 0.55w Lithium Battery: 3.7V / 1500mAh Power Source: Solar Material: High quality plastic LED life span: 100,000 Hours Operating mode: light control + infrared body sensors, sensor lights up to 22 seconds. Working Hours: filled with a battery, if 50 activation's per night , continuous work for a week Charge time:> 8 hours (1000W / m2 illumination standard) Motion Sensor Range:0-5m/0-16Feet Power: 1x 3w Super Bright LED Output : 250 Lumen Dimensions: 155 x 90mm Package Includes: 1 x 3W Solar LED Light 1 Pack Accessory

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Great Tips to Select the Best Outdoor Lighting

Unless you are the stereotypical creepy homeowner on a typical horror movie set, no one wants to make his or her home a dark and terrible place to live. In a simpler term, there is no reason for you to build a spooky home. As a matter of fact, you must not forget the advantages and importance of having the outdoor lighting for your home. Moreover, people install outdoor lighting for a variety of reasons. There are those that install the outdoor lighting for extra security and safety purpose so that no intruder will dare to invade their space. At the same time, the proper use of outdoor lighting is incredible enough to achieve that lovely evening visual effect.

Despite this, there are many who are still confuse when it comes to selecting the best outdoor lighting that suits their homes. As if it is not enough, the huge varieties of available options certainly make it even trickier for them to decide. Thankfully, all hope is not lost because there are great tips to decide for your home. Hence, these are great tips for you to select the best outdoor lighting.

Types of Outdoor Lighting that You Should Know

It is important to know that every type of outdoor lighting has been designed with a particular focus and purpose in mind. Once you have learnt about its specific intent, you will find it easier for you to decide the unique plan of your own outdoor lighting.

Recessed Lights

Essentially, the recessed lights are the ones that do not extend beyond because they are almost sunken into whatever surface on which they are located. With such unique position, you can count on them to create a light fixture depression of sorts. In addition, different recessed lighting trims are employed for different effects. Apparently, people love to use them to create a crisp architectural appearance. Examples of recessed lights can be found in roles such as a path or stair lights.

Mushroom Lights

Aptly named, the mushroom lights look like mushrooms. While they usually stand on a single stem, their unique mushroom shade shape also mean that the light will always shine down on the ground. In order to bring out the best of your mushroom lights, you should select the appropriate length for your outdoor space.

Post Lights

Since post lights are said to be the most traditional light type, people love to use them as vintage pieces. At the same time, people usually place them close to the street or end of the drive for reasons of maintaining street-side visibility and highlighting a particular style. Amazingly, they are available in a wide variety of styles, designs and materials. This just means that you can always select the one that can complement your unique outdoor lighting plan.

Spot Lights

Like its name, the spotlights are designed to "spot" a particular place. In other words, they are meant to cast a downward light in order to highlight certain spot outside your home. The spotlights have been said to be an amazing addition to security since they direct enough light for high visibility. In terms of outdoor lighting effect, you can use spot lights to highlight landscaping features in the most natural manner so that the most natural shadow effect can be achieved.

Well Lights

As the opposite of spot lights above, the well lights are different as they add a sense of depth to an outdoor area. Generally, they are placed on the ground (behind an object) in order to accend the object as the light shines upward. Besides, these well lights are always hidden from view so that they can enhance the visibility of the object. It is important to understand that the well lights can be used to their best effect when you hide them properly.