Used in theatre, for showcasing art, and in homes across the globe, spotlights are premium decorative lighting that every homeowner should consider having. Check out the best spotlights in Malaysia or read more about spotlights below.

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What you Need to Know about Spotlights

Spotlights are a type of decorative lighting that highlights a "spot" or an area exclusively. This form of illumination is perfect for theater performances, showcasing art and historical pieces in museums, and to accentuate home decor. However, spotlights are more than just putting emphasis on an object, they can also be used in emergency situations in the absence of light. Spotlights are useful home decor that could give your home warmth and character.

Different Types of Spotlights

Spotlights are more than just decorative lighting. Throughout the advancement of technology, many inventors have improved the spotlights design and created different types. Below are types of spotlight that you have probably heard about.

Ellipsoidal Spotlight

Perhaps the most common type of spotlight, ellipsoidal spotlight produces a round shape beam that we all know. This type of spotlight is often used in theater performances and can be adjusted using different iris or shutter.

Fresnel Spotlight

Named after Augustine Fresnel - inventor of the Fresnel lens used in lighthouses, a Fresnel spotlight is used almost similar to flood lights which helps illuminate a specific area. Unlike an ellipsoidal spotlight, Fresnel spotlights cannot be adjusted.

Plano Convex

Deemed as the oldest type of spotlight, a plano convex disperses light through refraction. Due to advancement of technology and our understanding of light, plano convex spotlights have become a rare form of spotlight.

Beam Projector

Like the ellipsoidal spotlight, beam projectors are also commonly used in stages. Compared to other types of spotlights, however, beam projectors does not use a lens but two reflectors. Beam projectors are used on scenes that depict a "godspot" effect.

Follow Spotlight

Exclusively used in stage performances and theaters, a follow spotlight illuminates actors and follows them across the stage. A follow spotlight is often operated by a spotlight operator and some modern follow spotlights can even be operated remotely. It gives emphasis to what the actor or performer is doing on stage.

Parabolic Aluminized Reflector Spotlight

Otherwise known as a PAR spotlight, this type of spotlight is the most common choice in the entertainment industry. It uses a filament, a lens, and reflectors to shine a substantial amount of light. It is often used with fog and smoke machines.

Parabolic Aluminized Reflector Pin Spotlight

Another type of spotlight is a PAR pin that produces narrower beams of light in contrast. It is low voltage and are often used to illuminate smaller details and objects on the stage such as the performer's face or a specific object.

Where you can use Spotlights

The best thing about spotlights is that they are not limited to the stage on theaters and performances. It has great uses in emergency situations similar to flood lights. Spotlights are narrower than flood lights which can be used to illuminate a specific area instead of a widespread light. Another use of spotlights is in exhibitions and museums which highlight a single object and illuminate its details. Spotlights can also be used in teh same manner to emphasize accents in your home. Check out the best spotlights in Malaysia at iPrice!