Ceiling lights or ceiling lamps are considered essential for any space because it helps to create a brighter space as well as an illusion of a wider space. Whether you're looking for a small lamp for your single room or a large fixture for the living room, it's important to get the right type of ceiling light for the occasion to achieve the right feel.

Which Ceiling Light is Best? | Are Ceiling Lights Easy to Install? | How to Choose Ceiling Light?


Ceiling Lights - Light Up Your Favorite Space

Lighting up a room sounds easy but one wrong choice can change the feel of the room. A ceiling light, or a ceiling lamp, is one of the easier methods for lighting up a room or space. A ceiling light can immediately brighten up any space, creating the illusion of a wider and more open area.

Any home improvement enthusiast will tell you that getting the best lighting is important and choosing one can be a long process. Whether you prefer the traditional style of lighting or want to go for a modern and bold feel, you can always browse the wide range of ceiling lights on the iPrice website to find one that suits your taste.

Change and Brighten Up the Mood

Changing the mood and feel for ceiling lights is as easy as changing the bulbs to change the colour. In Malaysia, neutral white bulbs are more traditional and commonly used but you can always change to a warm white light bulb if you prefer a more mellow light.

The brightness of the lighting fixture can also depend on the light bulb used. There are many types on the market such as incandescent, LED, and integrated. Among these, LED bulbs are being used more often now and are energy efficient as well as being low-cost. Integrated lighting, where an LED module is built into the fixture, is also being used more often now because it's equally energy-efficient as a regular LED bulb.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ceiling Lights

Which ceiling light is best?

There are many types of ceiling lights and they can give off different vibes depending on where and how it's used. There is no one best style of ceiling light because it depends on the room and your style.

Are ceiling lights easy to install?

The installation process for ceiling light has been made easier but you will still need to have a general understanding of electrics and how to work with wires. Some fixtures are also manufactured specifically for DIY projects so everything you need comes in one convenient package which saves you the energy of finding each component.

How do I choose a ceiling light?

It's important to know the space and room you're working on before choosing a ceiling light that fits it. Another thing to consider is the colour of the light bulbs. There's a significant difference between warm white light and cool white light, so choose the best type for the room.