Home is our private sanctuary where we find comfort and warmth. A bright home is a beautiful home. After a tiring day from work I don’t think so anyone out there would love to come back to a gloomy home. So fill up your home with beautiful lights. Click here to learn more about lights!


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Fun facts about light around you

Lights are fun. Sometimes we just don’t realise that without light, the world would be a dull home for all of us. Probably not many of us take time to notice the mesmerizing effects of light. Today you could learn something new about light as we have listed down a few fun facts that would leave you amazed at the power of light!

  • Light is an essential part of our daily lives and to honour that, United Nations and the world celebrated International Year of Light in 2015 to appreciate and gain more knowledge about optical phenomena
  • Do you know that the world’s longest-lasting bulb is the Centennial Light in California? It has been burning since 1901 and this year it would be celebrating its 115th year old birthday!
  • If you experience uncontrollable sneezing in the presence of bright light, then you are included in the 18-35 percentage of population who suffer from the photic sneeze reflex!
  • What happens when light enters water droplets in the air and gets refracted, further reflected inside the droplet and finally refracted again when leaving the water droplet? Yes, rainbow!
  • Do you know that sunlight takes 8 minutes and 17 seconds to reach us? Thus if the sun suddenly die out of power (metaphorically of course), we will only know after 8 minutes and 17 seconds!

Lights to fit your home

Now, I am sure that you would be excited to decorate your home or office with beautiful lights. Joy and happiness come in many forms and so do light bulbs. There are many types of lights that accommodate different needs in a home from bedroom to kitchen. The list below could help you find the best light for your home.

Living room – This part of our home is the most important. Most families dine here or hang out here. Choosing the best light for living room can be tricky. If you love the classic kind of décor, you could go for a nice and classic chandelier. This can be placed on top of the dining place to add a touch of class. If you are more of a modern style, probable you could place an accent light at one corner of your living room. This could be considered as the centre piece art of your home.

Bedroom – For your bedroom it is best if you don’t point out your light directly to your bed. You could place a light that angles away from your bed and towards your dressing room. If you have children, don’t forget the importance of night lights for them to ensure that they sleep well without fear.

Bathroom – If you are going to pick a light for your bathroom, make sure you stay away from lights that can cause shadows and glaring lights at the mirror. You could place the lights at one side of the mirror and use an overhead ambient light to bright up the entire space.

We offer what you need

We are guessing that now you would have an idea of the right type of light that fits your home perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Mesmerize your home visitors by choosing the best lights from iprice. We offer amazing, sparkly and classy lights from the top brands around the world such as Light in The Box and many more. Have fun shopping!