Every girl who has reached puberty will experience the time of the month. Sanitary pads are often worn during this time to ensure proper hygiene as well as to prevent any embarrassing mishaps. Get the best kinds of sanitary pads with Libresse Malaysia and read below to find out how you can pick the perfect sanitary pads for you!


An essential guide to buying sanitary pads

Whether if you have just started menstruating or deciding to do a switch from tampons to pads, it is essential to choose the types that are suited to your purpose of use. It is mostly trial and error to see which you prefer, but it will be all worth it when you find your perfect match of sanitary pads such as with Libresse Malaysia. Here is an essential guide to buying sanitary pads.


One of the key elements of a good sanitary pad is the ones with the ability to absorb a large amount of blood within a short span of time. This usually can be gauged by how comfortable you feel after wearing the sanitary pad for a couple of hours. Most of the time, we do a lot of standing and sitting down during our periods. Therefore, the blood that is absorbed should be locked in the centre gel area that prevents any backflow when pressure is applied. A great way to indicate whether the blood has been converted to gel is to observe colour of blood on the surface of the pad. If the colour appears to be dull, this is a sign that the blood has been effectively absorbed into the pad. In contrast, if the colour appears to look fresh, there is a higher chance for backflow and consequently leakage. So this is a big indication for you to change your sanitary pad.


Sanitary pads come in all kinds of thickness, but it totally depends on how comfortable you feel when you put them on. The thinnest forms of sanitary pads are panty liners which are typically used for light spotting when your period is about to end or it can be used daily for any vaginal discharge. The thickness of the pad does not always equal good absorbency because it all boils down to the design of the pad.

Libresse provides ranges of pads that are meant for various menstrual flow. These are the Libresse Slim, Libresse Regular, Libresse Maxi, and Libresse Overnight. If your monthly visit is on the heavy side, it is best to choose maxi pads while those with lighter periods may opt for ultra-thin, regular, or even panty liners. You know yourself better than anyone else, so study your menstrual flow and choose accordingly.


Generally, sanitary pads are classified into two categories, which are day or night. Day pads are slightly shorter compared to night pads where they measure around 17cm to 25cm. Night pads can go all the way to 35cm or even more! During the start of your period, most women would expect a heavier flow ranging from 3 to 5 days. These are the days where a longer pad is required to effectively absorb the menstrual flow. It is also recommended to use night pads as it would be cumbersome to find your bedsheets stained with blood when you wake up. There are certain Libresse products with a design that conforms to your body contours, efficiently preventing any side leakage while you toss and turn on your bed. Towards the end of your period where your flow is much lighter, you may switch to shorter pad lengths.


Aside from determining the length and thickness of your sanitary pad, figuring out the perfect fit is also important. All women are built differently, so it’s essential that you pick a pad that is comfortable yet able to contain all your flow. Libresse carries an array of products with various fits including invisible fit, maxi fit, slim fit, and long & wide fit. Take the quiz on the Libresse official site to find out your perfect fit.

To make things way easier, check out Libresse panties, a hybrid between an underwear and period pads so you don't have to worry about staining your own panties. Simply slip them on and you’re set to go about your day and night! The Libresse Maximum Security Panties are available in sizes M and L.

Scented or unscented

Depending on how sensitive your skin is to scented products, it is always safer to stick with unscented sanitary pads. This is because the chemicals used in pads may easily enter your private area. On the other hand, there are some women who feel self-conscious about the smell of their periods, so it would be preferable for them to purchase the scented pads that would help them ideally mask the scent. However, if you notice that your period odour does not smell right, it might be time for you to book an appointment with your doctor. All in all, it is still advisable to utilize unscented pads. Other than the normal, unscented pads, Liibresse also carries green tea products. The green tea scent is made with natural ingredients and is safe for your sensitive areas.


Sanitary pads that come with extra adhesive strips on the sides are the most convenient for women who are more active. If you spend most of your days moving a lot, there are chances that your pad might move out of place and ultimately cause a leakage. Libresse pads with wings will help to keep the pad in place with the sticky strips that can be stuck to the underside of your panties, thus preventing any leakage from happening.


Sanitary pads are made with many types of material. The most common materials used are either cotton or plastic netted. Some women prefer a soft touch whilst others prefer a netted top layer, because each woman’s skin is different. Cotton-type sanitary pads are suited to be used on days with a heavier flow as it allows breathability without giving any stuffy feeling.

Libresse products are created with sustainable materials that are still high-quality. Viscose fiber is used to keep you dry by providing advance absorption. Wood fiber and pulp fiber are also utilized to securely store the liquid until you dispose of your worn pad. Lastly, polyethylene film in the pads ensures that you won’t have any leakage. Your time of the month will be clean, secure, and comfortable, all thanks to Libresse and all of their high-grade materials.

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