Are you looking for a pair of shoes that would be able to keep up with your performance and does not hinder your achievement? Then Li-Ning has just what you need and more. Find out more about this game-changing brand here.


Li-Ning Malaysia: Putting their best footwear forward for everyone

Li-Ning is a company that leads the sportswear arena in China and is known as the beast for producing remarkable footwear. The founder, Mr. Li Ning, understands the essence of “Sportsmanship” which can be clearly seen in in all his collection as he is an athlete himself too (gymnast with 106 gold medals and two World Cup Championships). He knows that without the right pair of shoe or equipment, achieving your sports dream is never going to happen. Which is why everything created under the Li-Ning brand is extremely remarkable and fantastic when it comes to performance and skills.

Li-Ning Malaysia: Your ultimate kicks brand

Ever since they started back in the 90’s, the company has created some of the best designs the world has ever seen. One particular athlete, Dwayne Wade has has caused a frenzy in the world of sportswear when collaborated with this brand and released his signature line, Way of Wade. Made from the finest materials available and features the best technologies that ensures the ultimate comfort, traction, durability and performance, Way of Wade shoes are the beacon of quality, integrity and success.

Some of the footwear created by Li-Ning include:

  • Li-Ning Combat Basketball Shoes
  • CBA X Li-Ning Glenn Robinson III Power 2
  • Li-Ning Mightiness
  • Li-Ning Falcon Professional Outdoor B
  • Li-Ning Swift 4 Basketball Shoes

Reach greater heights and maximize your performance with Li-Ning.