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LG Malaysia – Delightfully Smart

With its well-deserved reputation for bringing added value to the lives of consumers, LG strives to transform the world into a better place with its products. As one of the world's leading producers of flat panel TVs, mobile devices, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators, LG is proud to deliver a wide range of products that serve your needs. Bringing delight through its smart products, LG gives you the reason to focus on your life and enjoy it. Life can be simpler when you have well-crafted products that solve your unique problems effectively. When it comes to lifestyle products, LG is the go-to brand you will love to have.

Life is Always Good with LG

More than just your regular products, LG products can enhance your life with their great value, benefits, promise, and personality. They are designed to achieve peak performance that guarantees the highest satisfaction for their users. Thanks to well-made products from LG, most customers appreciate their long-lasting relationship with LG. Life is always good with LG.

Empowering the Future

LG's innovative technologies, unique products, and cutting-edge designs are an investment in the future. Taking pride in its passion to incorporate the latest technologies and innovations, LG designs its products to make sure its customers can enjoy the best features available. As an advocate of future technologies, LG also prioritizes research and development to push the boundaries of known technologies.

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A leading name in world electronics, LG Electronics has innovated technology for over 50 years. A global forerunner of smartphones and high-definition televisions, LG Electronics has technology to give you the quality of life you deserve. Read more about LG in Malaysia here below to find out.

> Changing, evolving dual mode LG Beetle Mouse Special advantages of LG Beetle Mouse! - Easy-to-carry sliding structure - One button click to switch between PC and mobile! - 1,000 DPI optic sensor for fast and precise control * Sliding structure - Sweet five colors Pink / Mint / Lime / Grey / Indigo - Easy to carry, convenient to use Sliding structure! You can slide the upper cap of mouse to open and close it. - One button-click to switch between PC and mobile! If you wireless connect MEB-300 to PC with nano receiver and connect it to mobile device with Bluetooth mode, you can switch between them with mode switching button. * Dual mode (Bluetooth 4.1, 2.4GHz RF) - Wireless USB mode You can use the mouse within 10m range, when you connect nano receiver. (no additional program installed) - Bluetooth mode It supports Bluetooth 4.1 version so that you can connect the mouse with laptop, tablet PC or smartphone to enjoy wireless freedom. It doesn’t support iOS mobile devices * 1,000 DPI - 1,000 DPI optic sensor It has high functional optic sensor for fast and precise control. LG Beetle Mouse MEB-300 System requirement Later than Window7 / Mac OS X 1.07 / Android 4.0 Product spec Color : grey, indigo black, pink, lime, mint Connection : Bluetooth V4.1 / 2.4GHz Radio frequency Resolution : 1,000 DPI Sensor type : optical Battery : 2 X AAA Size : 68 x 82.7 x 31.6mm (close) / 68 x 106.4 x 31.8mm (open) Weight : 55.7g Support : Later than Window7 / Mac OS X 1.07 / Android 4.0 Components : mouse(MEB-300), nano USB receiver, 2 AAA battery, manual * General Manufacturer : LG electronics Made in : Vietnam Qualification NO. : MSIP-CRM-LGE-MEB 300 MSOP-CRM-LGE-MEB-R300 Released in : 2016.09 More to link> Read more
2 Years Warranty HDR Pro ColorPrime Pro ULTRA Slim WebOS 3.5 IPS 4K-resolution 3D color Mapping ​ 4K UHD With 8.3 million pixels, LG 4K UHD TV provides you with incredibly detailed and crisp pictures. HDR - High Dynamic Range View HDR content to see enhanced graduation of contrast in the light and dark areas of an image as well as the colour to create a new level of realism. It’s possible through the advancement of cinema cameras in the last few years, which now enable cinematographers to capture & blend scenes. Smart TV Built-In LG brings you an incredible range of streamed content with webOS 3.5 Smart TV⁽¹⁾ including Netflix, Stan, ABC iView and YouTube. Plus, it’s built in, without the need for a set top box or media player connected by cable. Netflix Netflix is one of the world's leading internet television networks with a huge range of popular content, including original series, documentaries and feature films. Members⁽¹⁾ can watch as much as they want, when they want. Stan Now available on our LG Smart TVs. Stan allows you to screen awesome TV shows and movies direct from the Stan App⁽¹⁾. Quad Core Processor The Quad Core Processor is the engine behind webOS Smart TV that allows fast loading of apps and menu’s, as well as multi-tasking between apps. 6 Step Upscaling Upscale non ULTRA HD content with the 6 step Ultra HD Upscaler Engine, all content is powerfully upscaled even closer to ULTRA HD quality, for clearer, more striking images⁽³⁾. SmartShare™ Seamless sharing of your favourite content. Browse and share files from connected devices in your home network with LG Smart Share™. This includes Android phones and iPhones. Web Browser Browse the web on your LG Smart TV. Use the inbuilt web browser which is optimised to view content on your TV⁽⁴⁾. Use the Magic Remote for one of the most simple browsing experiences available on a Smart TV. For those who prefer, a USB keyboard and mouse can also be connected to enhance your browsing experience⁽⁵⁾. Wi-Fi Built In Connect directly with your Home Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi Built-In TVs have an on-board Wi-Fi chip allowing easy connection to your home Wi-Fi network without any additional hardware. Miracast This TV has built in Wi-Fi and the ability to mirror your Miracast enabled smartphone's screen, so you can share content to everyone in your living room⁽⁶⁾. Read more
*Prices updated on 17 Oct 2017

Popular LG Smartphones You Must Get

Like its slogan, life is always good with LG. The LG smartphones are highly favored for their innovative features and terrific performance. With tons of exciting LG smartphone designs, it can be frustrating to decide which one you should buy. Here is a simple guide to some of the most popular LG smartphones you must get.


One of these amazing smartphones is the well-celebrated LG K4 smartphone that gives you the opportunity of living in your own terms. Simple and sweet, these words are enough in describing the splendid design of LG K4 smartphone. Boasting a sleek profile, this uniquely inspired LG K4 also displays such amazing craftsmanship.

With its 4.5-inch IPS LCD display screen (480 x 854 resolution), the LG K4 is able to offer such tantalizing viewing experience for your eyes. Its display screen contains high pixel density that enables it to every image in stunning detail. Utilizing the IPS technology, it allows you to enjoy that same display quality even when viewing from other angles.

Featuring its quad core processor, it transforms the LG K4 smartphone to be an engine that can make everything to be realized in an instant. Thanks to its 5MP rear camera, it allows the LG K4 to snap gorgeous photos in an instant. Moreover, it is able to focus and track on targets with great precision and speed.

Its compact size enables you to operate it smoothly so that you can get the right angle in getting the best shot. For your selfie game, the LG K4 is outfitted with the humble 2MP front camera. In order to simplify your selfie experience, this LG smartphone presents the useful gesture shot feature. This feature works by just raising your hand, align it in the box and make a fist in order to start the 3-second countdown. The LG K4 is well-made smartphone that gives everything you want at affordable rate.


Hailed as one of the best-looking smartphone models from LG, the LG G6 has a smooth unibody design with streamlined aesthetic. The beautiful and glossy design gives it a well-polished look. When you are holding it in your hand, it feels solid. Rated IP68, this LG smartphone is dust- and water-resistant. You can put it in up to 4.9 meter of water (1.5m) for up to 30 minutes. For practical usage though, it means that you do not need to worry if you accidentally drop it in the pool or spill coffee on it.

Since its 5.7-inch screen (1440 x 2880 resolution) takes up roughly 80% of the front of the phone, this leaves the LG G6 with an astoundingly thin bezel. In addition, the LG G6 has an 18:9 ratio that offers wider display area, perfect for people who desire immersive viewing experience. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset, everything just looks fine on LG G6.

In terms of staying power, the LG G6 houses a decent 3300mAh battery. The LG G6 comes with dual rear cameras. On the LG G6, you can switch between the standard 13-megapixel lens and the 120-degree wide-angle lens to capture more content in each frame. As for its 5MP front camera, it also incorporates wide-angle option to fit more things in your selfie. There is a new camera app called Square Camera that contains a number of different tools to capture near square pictures. Obviously, this particular app aims at dedicated Instagram enthusiasts.

LG V20

At first glance, the LG V20 can look like a strange smartphone with bizarre features. Yet, it turns out that the LG V20 is packed with inventive features you never expect. Thanks to its military-grade build, this LG smartphone is tough and long-lasting. Compared to its predecessor, LG V10, the LG V20 is lighter, slimmer, and thinner. Impressively, the LG V20 features removable aluminum back panel which allows you to remove its battery. Regarding its fingerprint sensor, it has been merged with the power button.

The LG V20 comes with the 5.7-inch QHD display screen (2560 x 1400 resolution) that can offer stunning display quality. In addition, it is protected by Gorilla Glass 4 for extra durability. The display screen also offers high pixel density which turns everything to look vivid and crystal-clear. You also can tweak the color temperature of the screen to make things easier on the eyes during extended use. On the subject of screen, the LG V20 is in a class of its own along with its predecessor because they are smartphones that have two screens.

The primary display screen operates like the normal smartphone screen while the always-on second screen is reserved for notifications, showing certain information, and quick launch to your favorite apps. This second screen can be programmed to switch off and turn back at user-specified time. In terms of practical usage, you can take advantage of the multi-window feature to complement the second screen.

With four digital-to-analog converters (DAC) powered by the ESS Sabre ES9218, the LG V20 takes your listening experience to new heights. They make even MP3s sound supercharged with amazing level of audio depth and richness. Its three microphones can record in LPCM which is a 24-bit audio format with up to a 48kHz sampling rate alongside your video.

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