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LG Malaysia

A South Korean-based multinational corporation, LG is known for its innovative approach to electronics, appliances and mobile devices. The sleek, modern-looking designs and great quality of its products are what has made LG the brand that it is today. On top of its stylish designs, highly functional features and compact size, LG’s products are certified to be energy efficient, making LG the perfect addition to any household

Life’s Lucky Goldstar

LG’s history is deeply embedded in the world of home appliances, making it one of the best brands to spruce up your home. Its wide array of kitchen and other home appliances is designed to make your home life easy and good. Invest in LG Refrigerators that will keep your food fresh with its Smart Cooling Plus Technology at a starting price as low as RM 700. LG’s wide variety of appliances comes with varying pricings and features, each catered to suit either a high end lifestyle or a more budget-friendly home.

Smart and Entertaining

LG is also known for their home entertainment products, more so because of their innovative television designs. Knowing that entertainment is just as important to people as their fridge or microwave, LG has constantly strived to push the boundaries on delivering quality entertainment for the pleasure and enjoyment of its consumers. Take LG’s 55” OLED 3D Smart TV (55EA9800) for example. While the hefty price of US$ 8000 would definitely scare most of us away, this TV is definitely worth the tag because of its crystal clear display as well as awesome immersive 3D capabilities that will give “home entertainment” a whole new meaning.

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A leading name in world electronics, LG Electronics has innovated technology for over 50 years. A global forerunner of smartphones and high-definition televisions, LG Electronics has technology to give you the quality of life you deserve.

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LG Malaysia - Life's Good

LG is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world as well as building and selling various electrical appliances in over 80 countries. Life's good with LG!

LG Malaysia - Successful Rise In Empowering Future

With a steady rise of demand in the electronics industry the world over, the company’s revenue boomed and Lucky Goldstar was able to acquire Zenith and was later renamed to LG Electronics in 1995. In 1998, LG Electronics developed the first 60-inch plasma television and by 2001 had exports to Russia, Italy, Indonesia and Australia.

By 2003, LG had become the top global CDMA producer for mobile devices and in 2005, became fourth largest supplier of mobile handsets in the market worldwide. Subsequently, LG strived to be the largest LCD TV provider in the world and managed to achieve to be the second largest. The unveiling of the world’s first dual-core smartphone, the LG OPTIMUS 2X, the world’s first full LED 3D television in 2010, and the first 84-inch Ultra-HD TV in 2012 has brought LG up to the pinnacle of technology.

Similar to most electronic companies, LG ventured into the industry of automotive and vehicle components. Infotainment, safety and convenience devices, and even vehicle engineering are some of the leading variations of LG technology. The future of driverless automotive technology begins with LG’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that features a camera system that detects risks from surrounding objects while driving and provides warnings to the driver. The ADAS works in tandem with the brakes and steering system to avoid collisions when a potential risk is detected.

A big name in the technology world, LG signed on a five-year sponsorship deal with Formula One as a global and technology partner in 2010. Formula One represents the peak of automotive performance and LG resonates similar technological performance.

LG Malaysia - Its Fabulous Media Appearances

LG products are so famous that you can always find them anywhere, from movies to tv shows. Frankly speaking, they are so good that you can find any of their products everywhere.

Hollywood loves using the latest technology in its movies. So it is no surprise when we see Robert Downey Jr.’s character, Tony Stark, whip out a LG VX9400 mobile phone twice in the 2008 hit movie, Iron Man. In the first scene, Tony video-calls his colleague Obadiah after a weapons presentation, and not too long after, when he’s under attack, he frantically sent out what appears to be GPS coordinates for his rescue.

Ellen Degeneres is a Hollywood sensation that advocates LG appliances, particularly LG refrigerators. Being conscious about the environment and possible harmful gas emissions from refrigerators, Ellen recommends the LG Energy Star model as it is certified by the US government as energy efficient and low emission. Ellen also gave away a LG Energy Star refrigerator on her Ellen talk show on 24th February 2011 to a lucky audience member.

In 2013, the actor renowned for his performance as Obi Wan Kenobi (Star Wars) and Moulin Rouge, Ewan McGregor took on a role of ambassador for LG Electronics Australia and New Zealand. Featuring in a variety of press statements and videos, McGregor launched LG’s curved screen television a day before shooting an advertisement for the Korean company.

LG Electronics also teamed up with celebrity chef Rachael Ray on her prime-time cooking show The Rachael Ray Show by being the official home appliance sponsor. Rachael Ray is famous for her cooking show where she invites guest celebrities to join her to cook a meal and share household tips for viewers. LG’s line of easy-to-clean ovens and energy saving refrigerators are perfect for the cooking processes done on the show.

LG Malaysia - Pillars of Strength

  • Global: Thanks to their high quality and well designed products, LG products are popular and can be easily found in over 80 countries.
  • Tomorrow: LG believes in creating reliable products that not only can last long but also provide lasting solution for the future as well.
  • Energy: Believing in sustaining and preserving nature, LG ensures their products to be energy-economical in supporting the environment.
  • Humanity: While products are just products, care has been taken to ensure that LG products are completely responsive and friendly to those who use them.
  • Technology: It goes without saying that LG is dedicated in pushing the boundaries of technology to help empower lives.

Top LG Malaysia Products

LG has strived for excellence in their technology advancements. From the LG-HS-730 Neckband Bluetooth Wireless Earphones to the LG-43LF630T 43-inch Smart FHD LED TV, there is always some technology to increase the quality of life.

LG Smartphones

LG V10

  • Better camera control with manual modes for video & photo
  • Fingerprint sensor for sophisticated security system
  • Not 1 but 2 front-facing cameras for exceptional wider selfie shots and no one would be left from the photo!
  • Expandable memory
  • Removable battery
  • Durable design with sleek style
  • Features unique software from LG such as LG Smart Bulletin to help plan and organise your widgets


  • Sharper images as well as better colour accuracy allow for more natural looking images on screen
  • Available in leather or metallic version
  • Removable battery
  • Also features unique software from LG such as LG Smart Bulletin to help plan and organise your widgets
  • Very customisable to your own needs especially when it comes soft-key home panels location, order or functions

LG Monitor

LG 21: 9 Curved Ultra Wide 29UC97C Monitor

  • 21: 9 Curved Screen that is perfect for gaming & content production
  • Delivers true-to-life colour experience to your eyes comfortably

LG Washing Machine

LG Fully Auto Washing Machine WF-HD90FS

  • Fully stainless steel tub for auto washing

Other LG Malaysia Products

  • LG Watch
  • LG Vacuum Cleaner
  • LG Home Theatre System

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