From the roots of the Japanese car maker Toyota comes the sleek, advanced technology of Lexus. Built as luxurious models that cater to the North American market, Lexus has thrived since its beginning. Find out more on what makes Lexus a superior brand here.


Reasons why you should always Choose Lexus Malaysia

Lexus is a car name that is synonymous with premium quality, luxury, and performance. The brand originally stemmed from one of the largest car makers in the world – Toyota. Word has it that Toyota was seen as an everyday car and not as a premium car brand. To market the brand to North America and selected parts of Europe, Toyota developed its premium lineup in Lexus.

Today, Lexus is a pioneer in performance and futuristic car technology, spearheading the automotive race to success. Even in Malaysia, Lexus is known as a luxury name. But one may ask how the company did it. The answer is in the way Lexus turns functionality into premium luxury. Let’s look at how the car company does this.

Leather, leather everywhere!

If you want to bring up a product to a premium quality feel, simply add leather! In cars, leather represents class and superiority. Leather seats allow for a padded feel all around the passenger’s body along with the potential of heating and massage features integrated into it. Take a look at the gorgeous beige leather of the Lexus NX models.

Leather trim around the panel of the car’s interior provides a luxurious look into the world of style and excellence. The smooth texture of a both real and synthetic leather can project a comfortable and soothing mood to any passenger or driver. Leather can also be coloured to include a combination of red and black for a sporty look, or white and beige for a regal, royal look.

Features you can play with

A way to increase a car’s price tag is to add gadgets to its finish. The more gadgets you add, the higher the value of the vehicle. Lexus has brought in some incredible gadgetry such as GPS, a heads-up display, interior lighting, reclining seats, and climate control.

One feature that sets Lexus apart from Toyota is the use of the electric sunroof. Many models of Lexus cars (even the sedans) are fitted with one or more sunroofs. The sunroof not only bring in a large measure of daylight, it also allows for airflow, granted you can open the entire module out. Perfect for bringing friends and family in the car, the sunroof (sometimes called “Moon-roof”) gives a brilliant view onto what’s above the vehicle.

For the driver, gadgets can also help ease driving stress. When on the highway, switch into cruise control and let the car’s onboard computer work its magic. You won’t have to keep your foot on the pedal, while constantly monitoring the car’s speed. Simply throw the car into cruise control at the desired speed and relax.

Futuristic looks

When Toyota first came to the US, it was considered ugly and not conforming to the standards of what the people wanted. Competing with other American brands that have beautiful looks, Lexus came out with futuristic designs that gave a look into the future of automobile design and sleek looks. Sharp, flowing edges replaced the boxy, angular designs of Toyota’s styling. As Lexus launched its coupe line, it appealed to a much younger and fresher market of car enthusiasts. It brought out the sporty, yet classy attraction in each car.

Today, Lexus is all set to conquer in terms of design. Thanks to innovations in LED lighting, automatic spoilers, computerized suspensions, and advanced aerodynamics, Lexus competes among the big names in the automotive industry. Every inch of the car is crafted to match the overall performance and looks.

Incredible safety

With cars these days becoming safer to drive, Lexus also puts safety as one of the key elements when designing its cars. As one of the first few car models to have ABS (the LS models of the 90s) and airbags as standard, Lexus today looks into the world of pedestrian safety and collision avoidance.

The onboard computer along with a network of sensors around the vehicle transmit information by the millisecond to determine if a collision is about to happen. In many of its cars, there is an automatic avoidance system that steers the car out of danger. This drastically reduces the risk on the road. The car’s structure is fitted with roll-bars and strengthening features to keep the car in shape in the event of a crash. On the interior, front, rear, and curtain airbags all work in tandem to reduce the impact of a collision.

Autonomous driving?

Take a peek into the future with Lexus’ latest technology in the automotive world. Now with the pursuit for autonomous driving, Lexus also plays its part in designing computerized systems that work together with the passenger and driver to move the vehicle safely. Once thought as something of the future, automatic cars are now in the making with Lexus. Truth be told, Lexus is changing the way we look at cars forever.

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