Levi's are widely known for their durable and affordable jeans, but did you know that they have their own separate line of pants? Sure, Levi Strauss is the founding father of jeans, however, their pants are just as comfortable as the iconic blue jeans. What's the difference between their jeans and their pants, you may ask? Read more down below.

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Levi's as a fashion staple

Levi Strauss founded the company in 1853 in San Fransisco. Along with his partner Jacob Davis, they created the Levis 501 in the 1890's, using their patented copper rivets for the pockets. With this, the company helped popularize denim jeans, or 'blue jeans', which previously were worn only by miners and cowboys. You can surely find a pair of Levi's in the wardrobes of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Even the likes of former U.S president, George W Bush, and former British prime Minister, Tony Blair, have been publicly spotted wearing the iconic piece. Levi's jeans are timeless; a classic American staple.

Now, the brand carries a variety of clothing other than blue jeans, and this includes the more formal and versatile series of pants. They offer several types of pants for various purposes, including palazzo pants, trousers, leggings, capris, cargo pants, chino pants, and joggers. These pants can be worn either formally or casually, depending on your needs. Levi's has even expanded their products by creating the Commuter Line, a collection of pants designed for cyclists.

The differences you need to know between Levi's Pants and jeans

Now that we've gotten the basic facts down, we can look at the differences between these two types of apparel. You may be thinking these two terms are just the same piece of clothing with different materials, but hold on to your horses, there are a few things you may not know about a pair of Levi's pants and your run-of-the-mill pair of jeans.

  • All jeans are considered pants, but not all pants are jeans (duh!). The term jeans is derived from the word Genoa, a city in Italy where sailors wore indigo-colored clothing, similar to today's usual pair of jeans.
  • Most jeans are denim (and dungarees), but not all denim are jeans, as some pants use the same material.
  • Due to its materials, jeans are thicker and more durable compared to your usual pair of pants. The company even advises you not to wash your jeans so that it could maintain its longevity.
  • Because of its rugged appearance, jeans are only typically worn casually, whereas pants can be worn for any occasions. In today's society, however, jeans are becoming acceptable in the office environment.

Fun Fact:

In Britain and UK English-speaking countries, the term 'pants' refers to underwear or undergarments!

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