When you think of a pair of high-quality denim jeans, the first thing that comes to mind must be this American brand. Levi’s truly symbolizes the American style through its blue jeans. Learn more about Levi’s Malaysia below.

How long do Levi jeans last? | What's the difference between 501 and 505 Levi's jeans? | How do you wear Levi's 501?


Everything You Need to Know About the Jeans from Levi’s Malaysia

Without the innovations of Levi Strauss, this comfortable and highly versatile fashion item will not exist today. Catering for men and women, Levi’s jeans are the epitome of comfort and timeless chic. Combining sustainability with the classic Levi Strauss innovations, Levi’s jeans are more than just comfortable and stylish; they’re also safe for the environment, leaving minimal footprint to help improve the environment.

Best-Selling Levi's Malaysia Jeans

Instead of calling their jeans the usual skinny, slim, or tapered jeans, Levi's Malaysia implements a number system. Below are six of Levi’s many pants collections, considered their best collections of all time, along with the type of fit and the design.

  • 501 – The original Levi’s 501 jeans series for men feature a classic, straight fit that sits below the waist, 16 to the 17-inch leg opening, and a button fly.
  • 505 – This women’s jeans collection offers a regular, straight leg fit with a medium-high waist, 16 ½ inches leg opening, and a zip fly.
  • 512 – These women’s jeans have a curvier, yet slimming fit and a classic rise. Available in boot cut fit, straight leg fit, skinny, and leggings.
  • 511 – Levi’s 511 jeans are slim fit jeans with a tapered leg, targeted towards men. It sits below the waist, and has 14 ½ inches leg opening,
  • 513 – Also a slim fit jean, Levi's 513 jeans offer a straighter leg fit than the 511. It has a mid-rise waist and 15 ¾ inches leg opening.
  • 515 – This mid-rise, regular fit jeans are available in a boot cut style, with a 9 7/8 inches front rise, 14 ½ inches back rise, and 18 ¾ inches leg opening.

Other Levi’s Collections

Aside from the numbered best-selling collections, Levi’s has also separated their designs and have released many unique denim sets. For sports enthusiasts, Levi’s offers the NBA and MLB Apparels for basketball and baseball fans respectively. Skateboarders can also be comfortable in doing their tricks and flips with jeans from Levi’s Skateboarding collection. Commuters who prefer to ride a bike to and fro within a big city can move freely with Levi’s Commuter line.

Levi's Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

Is Levi's a luxury brand?

According to apparelresources, Levi's is not categorised under the luxury brand but is considered the most 'attractive' casualwear brand.

How long do Levi jeans last?

If you wash them correctly, they can last 5-10 years or even more. Levi's CEO said, "A good pair of denim doesn’t really need to be washed in the washing machine except for very infrequently or rarely." This is due to the fact that washing a good pair of Levis actually causes damage to its material, and is a waste of water. The longer you can leave it, the better your jeans will look.

What's the difference between 501 and 505 Levi's jeans?

The difference between Levi’s 501 and 505 jeans is the latter has a more relaxed fit through the thighs in comparison to the 501 jeans. Both styles have a straight cut below the knee, meaning that the fit below the knee for these jeans will be very similar. Expect the 501 jeans to show a bit more shape through the hips and thighs than the 505 jeans.

How do you wear Levi's 501?

Levi's 501 Jeans have been constantly evolving since their inception in the late 1800s. Levi's have come up with some different ways to style them for men and women - from timeless looks to modern style with an edge.

For men:

  • Try a modern rock ‘n’ roll look: a black Trucker Jacket, tucked-in t-shirt and 501 Jeans in a longer inseam for a stacked look.
  • Size up your 501 Jeans for a baggier vibe. The white denim, simple hoodie and sneakers give this a streetwear edge.
  • Pair your 501 blue jeans with heritage pieces that carry through the classic idea.

For women:

  • A Trucker Jacket and 501 Jeans in the same wash create a uniform feel while custom-inspired embroidery gives it a personality.
  • White on white looks: White 501 Jeans with white t-shirt fresh for spring worn tonally from head to toe.
  • Go timeless and classic. A menswear-inspired shirt tucked into iconic 501 Jeans is always right, all the time.

Where can I buy Levi's products in Malaysia?

You can shop for one of Levi’s best-selling jeans from Levi’s store near you. Alternatively, if you prefer to shop from the comforts of your own home, Levi’s best-selling products are available online.