Best Lenovo smartphones 2019 in Malaysia

The best Lenovo smartphones 2019 in Malaysia are Lenovo A850, Lenozo Z5, and Lenovo A6000. The best price for 4GB Lenovo A850 is RM188 from Shopee. Meanwhile, the best price for 64GB Lenovo Z5 is RM870 from Shopee. Lastly, the best price for 8GB Lenovo A6000 is RM450 which you can get from Shopee.

Check out the complete Lenovo mobile phone price list, variants, reviews, and specs below. Don't forget to check out our exclusive deals to help you save more on your next Lenovo smartphone purchase.


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Lenovo’s Latest Smartphone will be a Notch Above the Rest

Whether you like it or notch, just about every phone manufacturer has decided that the notch is the “in” thing to have on their smartphones. Well, you can say goodbye to the unsightly notch with Lenovo’s latest flagship phone!

Which Laptop Best Suits Your Lifestyle?

In this day and age, it is hard to imagine life without mobile devices. We will feel so out of place, like something is amiss if we do not have our smartphones or laptops with us constantly. This is why many brands are competing to manufacture gadgets that suit our lifestyle and personality. These brands are incorporating cutting-edge technologies and innovations to create products that make our life easier than ever.

5 Reasons to Shop Online on Malaysia

Lenovo makes some of the best-selling computers in the world. It is the number 1 PC seller in several countries globally. The ThinkPad Notebook has won several awards for its performance, durability and design and is used by several government and private entities such as NASA, the US Military and US Air Force. Known for being manufactured under strict military specs and its spill proof keyboard, this is one of the top-selling PC’s globally.

Top Lenovo Smartphones Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
Lenovo A850 RM 188.00 Shopee
Lenovo Z5 RM 870.00 Shopee
Lenovo A6000 RM 450.00 Shopee
Lenovo S850 RM 358.00 Shopee
Lenovo P70 RM 537.14 Lazada
Lenovo A916 RM 255.00 Shopee
Lenovo A396 RM 150.00 Shopee
Lenovo K3 Note RM 399.00 Shopee
Lenovo K8 Note RM 620.40 Qoo10
Lenovo A606 RM 149.00 Shopee
Most Popular
Lenovo A850

Cheapest at Shopee RM 599.00 RM 188.00 Go to Shop

News about Lenovo Smartphones

Lenovo has always been associated with producing reliable and high-performance laptops at affordable prices. Already renowned as a business favourite thanks to its ThinkPad line, Lenovo is setting its sights on the consumer world.

Lenovo has always been associated with producing reliable and high-performance laptops at affordable prices. Already renowned as a business favourite thanks to its ThinkPad line, Lenovo is setting its sights on the consumer world.

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Lenovo Phones Malaysia: Reliable, Powerful, and Affordable

Lenovo is one of the biggest players in the computing industry. While it is a brand that has been around for quite a while now, it only recently entered the mobile market. Lenovo phones have thus far proven that they can deliver a reliable range of phones, offering a quality experience.

Why choose Lenovo phones?

  • Lenovo has a wide range of mobile phones for different preferences
  • They are the number one in mobile computing devices
  • Incredibly reliable and affordable phones

Lenovo is one of the more prominent phones brands in the market today, showcasing a wide array of affordable and reliable devices. Lenovo phones are equipped with the latest technology that will enable all its users to stay connected reliably.

Lenovo currently has four different phone series, each one catering to different users.

Lenovo Phab Phones

Lenovo's Phab phones are basically tablet-sized phones, hence the name Phab from phablet. The Phab series of phones gives you the best of both worlds: a tablet and a mobile phone. Clad in a slim and stylish aluminium unibody case, Lenovo Phab phones make it easy for everyone to be productive while staying mobile.

A gorgeous 6.8-inch Full HD screen (1080p) screen takes the center stage on the Phab phone. Work and play comes to life in brilliant colours and when you need some audio, Dolby Atmos delivers amazing audio clarity and power.

Lenovo A Series Phones

The entry level series of phones from Lenovo. Lenovo phones at this price range are often at very affordable prices while packing a lot of features. If you are one who don't wish to spend much without losing important features on their phones fit right in with the A series phones. While the phones may not pack in the latest state-of-the-art technology in smartphones, they're sufficient enough.

Lenovo P Series Phones

P for power! Lenovo P series phones pack an extra large battery for that lengthier battery life. If you're a person who's often far away from power outlets or you may not have a power bank, then the Lenovo P series is right for you. Low prices, extra long battery life, vibrant IPS displays and powerful processors make up P series phones.

Lenovo K Series Phones

If you absolutely have to have the greatest in a Lenovo phone, the K series' lineup of powerful specs at lower prices will be an excellent choice. A strong focus in powerful processors and a great camera makes the K series a phone you can rely on whenever you want to capture an exciting moment.

Lenovo Malaysia: Quality over Price

While most people would associate quality with high pricing, Lenovo Malaysia proves that biasness wrong as it offers quality products at affordable/budget prices. Take their latest phone for example. A low-cost phone that starts at a price of US$129, the Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus offers an awesome 1080p FHD display with Dolby audio quality and 13mp camera that will blow your mind! While many phones require at least a second round of charging a day, the Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo comes with a 5000mAh in-built battery that lessens the need for that extra charge as well as 3GB of RAM and storage expansion of up to 32GB that makes up for its average design. All this is made affordable at a starting price of US$295.

Lenovo Malaysia for All Your Varying Needs

Lenovo has various phones series that are created with the needs of varying people in mind. Among their more popular series is the PHAB series, featuring products that are tablets with phone capabilities with a price range of RM680 – RM1200, and their ever-popular VIBE series, phones that offer high entertainment quality and range from RM560 - RM1100.