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Lenovo Gaming Accessories

To go along with their fiersome gaming laptops and desktops, Lenovo has also prepared a bevy of "weapons" that are vital to a gamer.

Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

The Lenovo gaming mechanical keyboard features linear travelling key switches that actuate faster with little to no resistance, allowing you to rapidly dish out commands and total destruction. It also has 6 additional G-keys that are macro programmable on the fly, allowing a gamer to adapt to new situations almost instantly. Accented by red backlighting of five different levels, this mechanical keyboard means business.

Gaming Mouse

The Lenovo gaming mouse is an efficient gaming mouse that fits in your hand with superior ergonomics and customizable weights. Ultra responsive Omron switches and a super accurate sensor underneath will give you the advantage and confidence to win. 9 additional programmable buttons allows you to easily access all of your much needed in-game functions. Pair it with Lenovo's gaming mouse mat and experience superior advantage.

Gaming Headset

Listen to the footsteps and other important sounds for people and things that our eyes cannot see with the Lenovo Y gaming headset. Large 50 mm drivers deliver crystal clear highs and rumbling lows to immerse you right in the action. It is incredibly comfortable to ensure that you can stay in the game for longer hours - the removable sport-cloth ear cups are also washable to ensure durability.

Lenovo Gaming

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Lenovo's gaming laptops and desktops are impressive performance machines. They pack in all of the latest Intel Core processors and the greatest graphics cards from Nvidia (up to SLI configuration!) for the ultimate gaming performance. Read more here.

Top Lenovo Gaming Price List 2018

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Lenovo Legion Y520T-25IKL Gaming PC i7-7700 8+8GB 1TB+128GB SSD W10 RM 5,279.00 Lazada
Lenovo Legion Y520T-25IKL Gaming PC i7-7700 8GB 1TB+128GB SSD W10 RM 4,799.00 Lazada
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Lenovo Gaming

Game with the number 1 PC maker

No computer manufacturing brand has ever gotten by without having a dedicated line of gaming computers, devices, and accessories to go with it. As the number 1 PC maker in the world, Lenovo is certainly not going to let such a segment slip by. Lenovo's computers and laptops are already incredibly reliable and pack fantastic performance to boot – so why not kick it up a notch by putting them into gaming?

Lenovo has a variety of high performance computers and laptops, all packed with the latest Intel cores and Nvidia graphic cards. These devices deliver ultimate graphical prowess when it comes to intense gaming sessions – with all the superior cooling to keep temperatures low. Besides gaming machines however, Lenovo also has several gaming accessories to complement your Lenovo gaming machines.

Lenovo Gaming Laptops

Ask around for a gaming laptop that delivers the best price to performance ratio consistently and you will undoubtedly be pointed to Lenovo. Lenovo's gaming line of laptops is dubbed the Y gaming series, featuring an extremely stylistic Y letter on the covers of the laptop whilst being flanked with sleek red accents.

The latest and greatest in Lenovo Y gaming laptops is undoubtedly the Lenovo Ideapad Y700. Lenovo describes it as a "portable gaming powerhouse" and they are spot on. The Lenovo Y700 laptops are sleek jet-black laptops with menacing red accents, hiding its powerful internals for no-nonsense performance throughout.

On the inside is the latest Intel Core i7 processor that is paired with the powerful graphic processing units from Nvidia or AMD, promising solid relentless performance on all fronts of the laptop's usability. These gaming machines also come with massive storage options of 1TB to keep all of your games and media close at hand wherever you are.

Lenovo Gaming Desktops

When you get into intense gaming, you may sometimes require the best setups and gaming rigs to push the limits even further. And that is what you can do with Lenovo's gaming desktop computer, the Y900. The Lenovo Y900 desktop computer is a towering monolith that takes shape in a sleek black chassis with red accents and the stylistic Y symbol on the front.

The internals of the computer is also rightfully just as intense as the outlook. The large and spacious 34L body holds all of the powerful internals that allows you to "wipe the floor with your opponents", as Lenovo states. The latest Intel Core processors and Nvidia graphics cards in the Y900 will be all you need to proceed to victory.

Lenovo Razer Editions

High performance computing is not enough for Lenovo as they have also partnered up with the world's largest gaming company, Razer, to deliver exclusive Razer Edition gaming computers and accessories. The Y900 RE (Razer Edition) desktop is ensured to be the ideal end-game desktop computer and is complemented with Razer's very own Chroma lighting technology to make it your own personal gaming weapon.