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From children to adults, Lego’s products are widely popular amongst Malaysians of all ages. Lego sets guarantee hours of fun as you assemble the pieces together to create the final masterpiece. Relive your childhood memories and continue to live young with Lego’s extensive selection of toys! Find out more about Lego’s products and the reasons behind the brand’s popularity below.

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LEGO City Police Station
From RM 399.20
2 Stores
LEGO City Police Station 60047 Buy Now and Enjoy FREE SHIPPING! Condition : Brand new in Sealed Factory Packaging Item will be shipped in box for extra protection. The police officers are taking a coffee break when a tow truck uses its grappling hook to tear the jail window right off of the LEGO City Police Station. Sound the sirens! Send the police car after the criminal who is escaping with the tow truck. Circle the perimeter of the prison on the motorbike to find the felon crawling through a secret escape hatch underneath the toilet. Another crook is trying to escape using a roof hatch. One cop can pilot the helicopter, while the other uses the megaphone to tell the criminal to stop right there. Hurry down to arrest him and place him in one of the helicopter's side compartments before he gets away! This 854-piece set has tons of accessories and plenty of ways to play. Product Highlights While the cop mini figures are taking a coffee break, a tow truck uses its grappling hook and chain to rip off one of the cell windows and free a prisoner! Sound the alarms and send the police scurrying to capture the criminals Handcuff the crook escaping on the tow truck before he gets away! Send two police officers up in the helicopter to survey the scene and to arrest the jailbird trying to escape through the roof hatch Use the megaphone to tell the criminals they are surrounded Send a policewoman to chase down the tow truck in the cop car Use the motorbike to circle the prison and find the prisoner who built an escape hatch underneath the toilet Once the prison break has been contained, the police officers will have to keep a close eye on the prisoners from the control tower With 854 pieces, you can create unique situations each time you play What's Included Police station Police car Police helicopter Police motorbike Tow truck Four police officer mini figures Three crook mini figures Police dog Four pairs of handcuffs Three walkie-talkies Two crowbars Flashlight Binoculars Two balls and chains Three coffee mugs Two bank notes Backpack Megaphone Laptop #LEGO #Gift #Toys #City #Discount #Set #Birthday #Bricks #Police #PoliceStation #Minifigures #BricksAlive Read more
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LEGO Creator Robo Explorer
From RM 64.50
2 Stores
LEGO CREATOR Robo Explorer (31062) Buy Now and Enjoy FREE SHIPPING*! (Above RM30) Condition : Brand new in Sealed Factory Packaging Item will be shipped in box for extra protection. Have fun with the cute 3-in-1 Robo Explorer! Piece Count : 205 pcs Impress your friends with this awesome model! This characterful Robo Explorer features an azure, black and gray color scheme, bright-green eyes, working tracks, rotating body and head, and posable arms with working claw and searchlight. Rebuild this 3-in-1 LEGO® Creator model into a Robot Dog with a light-up jetpack or a Robot Bird with light-up eyes! Features bright-green eyes, working tracks, rotating body and head, and posable arms with working claw and searchlight. Includes a LEGO® light brick. Check out the azure, black and gray color scheme. Enjoy futuristic adventures with your very own Robot. Pose the Robo Explorer’s arms, body and head, activate the searchlight and see the tracks turn as you roll it along. This set includes over 200 pieces and offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 7-12. 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a Robot Dog with a light-up jetpack or a Robot Bird with light-up eyes. Robo Explorer stands over 4” (11cm) tall. Robot Dog stands over 2” (7cm) tall. Robot Bird stands over 3” (8cm) tall. #LEGO #Gift #Toys #Discount #Birthday #Bricks #Creator #3in1 #Robo #Robot #BricksAlive #Dog #Bird #Collectors #Explorer #Christmas #ChristmasPresent Read more
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LEGO City Space Port
From RM 223.20
2 Stores
LEGO® City Space Port Training Jet Transporter (60079) (Buy Now and Enjoy FREE SHIPPING!) Join the LEGO® City space team aboard the Training Jet Transporter! The Training Jet Transporter includes a detachable trailer, jet with foldout wings, service car and 3 minifigures with accessories. Join the space team aboard the Training Jet Transporter! Help unload the supersonic jet from the huge trailer, fold out the wings, open the tinted cockpit and climb aboard. Now, start the engines and follow the service vehicle to the holding position. When you’re cleared for takeoff, thunder down the runway and soar into the sky! Practice landings and aerial maneuvers until you’re ready to pilot a space shuttle! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted accessories: a driver, pilot and a service person. • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted accessories: a driver, pilot and a service person • Features a Training Jet Transporter with detachable trailer, training jet with opening cockpit and foldout wings, and a service car • Accessories include a fuel tank, 2 marshaling wands and a wrench element • Drive the huge transporter! • Detach the trailer • Guide the training jet into position • Fold out the wings • Training Jet Transporter without trailer measures over 3” (8cm) high, 6” (17cm) long and 2” (7cm) wide, and over 15” (39cm) long with trailer attached • Trailer measures over 10” (27cm) long, 1” (5cm) wide and under 1” (2cm) high • Jet measures over 3” (8cm) high, 8” (21cm) long and 6” (17cm) wide • Service car measures over 1” (3cm) high, 2” (6cm) long and 1” (4cm) wide #LEGO #Gift #Toys #City #Discount #Set #Birthday #Bricks #minifigure #Space #Plane #Jet #Truck Read more

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LEGO City RM 14.10 Kobo
LEGO Star Wars 3 RM 641.00 Lazada
LEGO Disney Castle RM 254.90 Shopee
LEGO Star Wars Finn RM 149.00 Lazada
LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren RM 166.00 Lazada
LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon RM 38.40 Shopee
LEGO City Police Station RM 399.20 Shopee
LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter RM 306.00 Lazada
LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar RM 75.00 Mighty Utan
LEGO Star Wars Snowspeeder RM 212.90 Lazada
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Lego - More Than Just Toys

Do you still remember playing with block toys during your childhood days? If you do, then there is a high chance that it is a Lego set. Lego has become a common name in Malaysian households for being a top toy provider. Despite the abundance of mobile apps and video games available today, Lego Malaysia's popularity still does not seem to dwindle.

Why Lego Toys Remain Popular Nowadays

It is quite common to see children being interested in toys, but do you know that there are many adults who are also avid collectors of Lego toys? In fact, when you shop for Lego toys in stores, you can often find many adults that are looking at the collections as well. This begs the question: Why are Lego toys so popular? Below are some reasons why Lego toys are a great form of entertainment that can appeal to even adults.

1. Lego Toys Encourage Creativity

One of the key reasons why Lego toys are appealing to both children and adults is because they encourage one to be creative. Assembling hundreds of interlocking bricks together is not an easy feat, as it requires the player to think outside of the box. Besides that, the ability to mix and match several Lego sets together means that the creative possibilities are endless. For children, these toys help to promote their mental development and cognitive abilities. On the other hand, adults also benefit from assembling Lego sets because they help to inspire new ideas and enable them to embrace their inner child.

2. Legos Provide Years of Fun

Another reason why Legos are so endearing is because of their versatility. With a single set, you will be able to make a variety of different models. Lego bricks enable you to build a castle one day, and a space station the next. You can also disassemble them and rebuild all over again, building new models every time. Moreover, Lego sets can last for a very long time, which enable them to be mixed with newer sets to add more options to what you can build. Their ability to last for years also makes them great toys to recycle for generations.

3. Lego Toys are Promote Positive Values

Besides promoting creativity as mentioned above, Lego toys can also impart many positive values in individuals that play them. Assembling Legos can promote patience, as completing a set can take up to several hours. Playing with Legos also help children to improve their basic skills such as solving problems and understanding instructions, which will be essential as they grow up. Moreover, Legos also help to build one’s self confidence, especially when one manages to complete building the models.

4. Legos Bring the Family Together

Having a hectic schedule often causes us to compromise our relationship with loved ones. Spending time with the people you love need not require too much effort or money; all you need is a Lego set! Legos can encourage families to spend quality time together to work on a model, especially on sets that are more complex to build. Parents can use these toys as an opportunity to strengthen parent-child bond with their children.

Other Lego Products

From thematic models inspired by popular movies such as Star Wars and Pirates of The Caribbean, to simple models that are children-friendly, Lego has a set for everyone. Besides offering toys to its consumers, Lego has expanded its business over the years to include other products such as movies and their very own amusement parks.


What better way to encourage individuals to embrace their inner child than by building an amusement park? Over the years, the company has built several amusement parks around the world, known as Legoland. Each Legoland features large-scale Lego models of famous landmarks and cities, as well as Lego-themed rides, providing something for both adults and children. The first ever Legoland was built in Lego’s hometown of Billund in Denmark.

After building three more Legoland parks in England, the United States, and Germany respectively, the company sold the parks and future building rights to Merlin Entertainments in 2005, as an effort to focus on its core business of making toy products. Merlin Entertainment continued to build more Legoland parks around the world, as well as introducing Lego-themed water parks. The first Legoland park in Asia was built in Nusajaya, Malaysia on 22 September 2012. The Lego-themed water park soon followed and was built in the same area.

Lego-Themed Films

The company also had a long history of producing Lego-themed films, TV series, and direct-to-video productions, dating back as early as 1970. However, the most significant film in Malaysia was The Lego Movie, which was released on silver screens in 2014. Like its predecessors, The Lego Movie impressed audiences with its wit, colours, and overall storyline. Packed with popular actors lending their voices to the lovable characters throughout the movie, it was no wonder that this movie was a big hit!

Lego Video Games

Being the entertainment providers that it is, Lego also ventured into the video game industry. The company produced a long list of video games, starting in 1997 with Lego Island and Lego Creator. Later games covered famous movies and titles like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and others.