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Lee – Creating jeans for a lifetime

From presidents to ministers, from designers to models, from cowboys to housewives, from geeks to fashionistas, everybody has that one pair of jeans that they love more than anything. A piece of cloth that is embraced widely, worn and loved by everyone, the jeans is a symbol of the American West lifestyle that became a staple piece in everybody’s wardrobe. Some find it comfortable, durable and an easy fit while others might find it sexy and cool. At Lee, their jeans is their everything. Cover-alls. Cowboy jeans. The zip fly. It all came from Lee. From 1889 to today, they continue to evolve casual apparel with their collection of denims.

Lee – Going down the sweet lane of memories

“We believe in quality. We believe that the manufacturer or the merchant who builds with quality as a foundation stone, builds for permanence and prosperity. We prefer to sell one garment of highest quality to one hundred inferior grade. It means better business and greater satisfaction for us, for you and for the customer”. – Henry David Lee

H.D. Lee Mercantile Company, or simply just Lee, is one of the world’s oldest and largest denim manufacturers with origins dating back to 1889. It’s named after its founder, the enterprising and ambitious Henry David Lee. Today, most people know the company’s jeans, but before it became a global clothing brand the company mainly manufactured and sold foods, including coffee, tea, cereal and canned food. Some years before denim was included in Lee’s product portfolio, the company suffered from a devastating fire that destroyed goods and equipment worth nearly half a million dollars – in 1903-currency. Yet Lee did not roll over. Instead the company used the accident to expand and strengthen its business.

The foundation of the world’s most recognized and innovative denim brands first came from a mere dissatisfaction with the quality of workwear those American manufactures used to make. And he, wanting to change this, decided to make his own. Two years later, in 1913, the company rewrote denim history, when Lee’s personal chauffeur in frustration over constantly getting dirty when fixing the car invented the so-called Union-All, which could quickly be pulled over regular work wear and clothes. The popularity of the invention was immediate. It was also helped along by the First World War, when Union-alls in 1917 became the official uniform of the American doughboys.

In 1933, Lee presented one of its most iconic pieces, the Storm Rider jacket, which is basically a padded 101j. In 1944, the recognizable lazy-S arcuate became part of Lee’s identity. Until then Lee (as any other American denim manufacturer) used back pocket stitching designs identical to the famous Levi’s arcuate.

Lee reacted quickly to the conversion of denim from working to fashion pants in the 195s and thanks to that, we today get to enjoy many of Lee’s ground-breaking and iconic products that we absolutely adore.

Lee – Finding your perfect Fit

For the Ladies

  • Toxey Super Skinny - superskinny style with excellent recovery; low-cut with a short rise, and a long, long leg for a subtly scrunched-up ankle. Holds and hoists in all the right places.
  • Scarlett Skinny - the ultimate 5-pocket skinny: streamlined, snug, and supremely stretchy.
  • Skyler High Waist Skinny - High waisted 5-pocket skinny that lifts and lengthens your look. A slick, skinny fit from thigh to ankle.
  • Jade Skinny Tube - The curve accentuating, cigarette fit (with secret relaxed ankle for comfort).
  • Emlyn Slim Straight - Contemporary straight fit with slim leg with regular waist and smaller back pockets for a super-flattering rear view.
  • Marlon Straight Regular Straight - the regular straight cut with a figure flattering fit. A comfortable fit wherever you need.
  • Sallie Relaxed - Skinny, better-than-boyfriend fit, reworking the classic relaxed look with a slimmed-down feminine cut, regular waist. A study in laid-back chic.
  • Anetta Flare - Super-flattering 5-pocket flare with regular waist, perfectly shaped rear, slim thigh, and wide flare kicking out below the knee.
  • Joliet Modern Bootcut - Flattering slim fit with regular waist, cute two-button fastening, and subtle bootcut that looks and feels 100% on trend.

For the Gents

  • Malone Men’s Skinny - Perfectly cut men’s skinny fit with comfortable regular waist and skinny leg from thigh to ankle.
  • Luke Slim Tapered - super-modern slim fit with a regular waist, tapered leg, and a slick, skinny fit at the ankle.
  • Powell Low Slim - the low waist brother of Lee’s regular slim fit Daren, with a straight leg for a super-modern look.
  • Darren Regular Slim - best loved regular slim fit, with a mid-low waist and slim leg in a classic straight cut you can wear with anything.
  • Arvin Regular Tapered - Regular waist, generously roomy around the thigh, and a tapered leg: Arvin is the super comfortable fit with a slim look
  • Brooklyn Straight Regular Straight - regular fit with straight leg and fitted waist, cut for comfort.
  • Chase Relaxed Tapered - Regular at the top with relaxed thigh, fading into a modern tapered leg.
  • Blake Regular Straight - A simple, regular fit through waist and thigh, with a relaxed, straight-cut from the knee down, zip fly.
  • Trenton Slim Bootcut - the slim men’s bootcut with regular waist, close cut leg, widening slightly towards the ankle. Contemporary slim jeans with a bootcut update.

With this fit guide, we hope you would be able to find your jeans of a lifetime only from Lee. Shop for the best variety and price exclusively on iprice.