Highly efficient and powerful, LED lights can illuminate your home or office. Needless to say, they can be found anywhere and are now the preferred source of lighting. Find out more about what to consider before being LED lighting below.


What You Should Know Before Buying LED Lighting Products

With the development of powerful lighting technology, it is now possible to use LED lights as a light source in your home. LED products can make a huge difference in your home or office in term and reliability and cost-efficiency. If you are considering whether LED products are worth the investment to light up your home, here are the things you should know before buying them.

Get the Right Colour for Your LED

The LED light bulbs are capable of displaying an impressive range of colours, from bright red to dazzling purple. There are two popular colours available for LEDs: warm white/soft white and bright white. The warm white or soft white bulb will produce a yellow hue while the bright white will produce white light similar to daylight and what is commonly used in retail stores.

Spend More to Save More

When buying a LED bulb, don't expect to save lots of money initially. Instead, you should try to think of it as an investment. Thanks to the growing competition and developing manufacturing techniques, they are now sold at a more affordable price but it is still more expensive than your regular incandescent light bulb.

Like an investment, the LED bulbs will eventually pay off. The LEDs offer bigger savings which are at least 80% less energy consumption than traditional light. This means that you can enjoy less heat and waste production as well as longer bulb life. In the long run, you will be glad that you have picked up LED bulbs for your home because they save both money and energy.

Advantages of LED Technology

Diversity of LED Bulbs

The new light technology comes in many different shapes and base combinations to fit a diverse set of fixtures. As a result, you will be spoilt for choice for what you can get at the right price. They also are available pre-installed in fixtures that will replace more traditional, inefficient hardware. Whether in a commercial or residential environment, you can find anything from high-lumen permanent fixtures to fluorescent replacement tubes to household replacement lamps.

No Harmful Mercury

Standard fluorescents use a reaction in mercury to produce light. When they break, special recycling and clean-up is required. Because of this, standard fluorescents can be a health hazard. With LED products being mercury-free, they are more eco-friendly.

Safe, Tough & Long-Lasting

As most LED lighting products are made of plastic and metal, they can withstand heavy punishment, especially shock and vibration. Even if your LED bulb falls, it does not break easily. Not to mention they are not likely to be a fire hazard unlike traditional lighting sources as they do not emit strong heat.

Instant Light

When you flip the switch, LED lamps and fixtures light instantly to their full brightness. As for incandescent lights and high-intensity discharge lamps, they need time to heat up. Whether you are in the home or office, you definitely appreciate how quick you can light up an area with LED lighting products while also using less energy. For more LED lighting products, you can check out the lights.