Worried on whether your children are getting the best education? LeapFrog might just be your perfect partner to help your kid develop his/her full potential. Learn more about LeapFrop here.

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A child’s development is an unending journey. Well, even adults need to keep a continuous journey of learning. LeapFrog believes that a child’s development happens at each and every moment. One small discovery, one success at a time, slowly and steady that each curious child grows with confidence and passion on everything that he/she learns.

Delight, engage and inspire your child with LeapFrog Malaysia

Mike Wood is like any other parent in the world, wants his child to have the best in life. He was always looking for a way to help his child learn to read and learn. He wanted his child to feel confident and excited about learning, and he knew he was not alone. That was about 20 years ago, Mike made it his career passion and founded LeapFrog to help parents worldwide.

LeapFrog aspires to be every parent’s answer to constructive learning. Its first learning system — LeapPad is a fun, interactive reading system that brought books and reading skills to life. Designed to capture a child’s attention LeapFrog has been creating bestselling educational solutions ever since, items like toys, systems, games and books have been embraced by parents, children and teachers alike to make learning a much more fun-filled process.

LeapFrog creates award-winning educational solutions that delight, engage and inspire children to reach their potential. As adults, we need to know that children learn best when they’re having fun and that every child learns differently. LeapFrog has solutions that can be personalized to each child’s level, to make every day learning fun and interesting.

Top LeapFrog Malaysia products

Here’s are some of LeapFrog best-selling products:

LeapReader Reading and Writing System
a complete learn-to-read-and-write solution for learning children aged 4-8 years old. The complete solution that sounds out words, guides letter strokes and helps build comprehension! Touch the pages or words in the book to hear them be read aloud, sound out words and play games that build vocabulary and comprehension at every reading stage. This tool is a great way to foster listening and comprehension skills, it also comes with downloadable audio books, music albums and more in which you can upgrade and get the new releases to expand your child’s e-book library. Lively character voices, fun sound effects and activities also help strengthen comprehension and school readiness skills. Reading is always much more interesting when the character comes to life and LeapReader can be your child’s favourite story teller when you find it difficult to spend time and read with them. It can be a helpful tool for your kids to learn to be independent too.
My Pal Scout
Personalize this snuggly interactive puppy with a tablet, smart phone, or computer for learning fun with a true friend. Your child will now have a puppy pal to play with. Kids need companionship to learn better, although this might not be a real person but at times it can become a friend for your kid. However, dun forget to allow your child to mingle with more friends, she or he can also encourage them to share with their new friends and expose them to emotional skills and learn to love and understand emotions. With over 15 learning activities that you can personalize with your child’s favourite animal, food and colour, your child will find it very amusing too.
Designed for children ages 3-8, LeapTV encourages kids to use both their minds and bodies! LeapFrog has just made gaming much smarter with the easy-to-play video gaming system that sets learning in motion. Filled with age appropriate learning materials and simulation games, your children will enjoy the fun of playing and also still learn something useful. With audio instructions for kids who don't yet read and a controller made for small hands, even the youngest can play. Pre-installed with over 100 games with the option of adding more games with game cartridges, parents can also get your child’s favourite games later on for continuous active e-learning game.

LeapFrog toys are also the most preferred tools for young children for learning.