Did you know that even on cool bright days with light clouds, you could still be exposed to damaging levels of UV radiation? Besides using sunscreen on your skin, you should also wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from these hot rays. Get yourself a glamorous pair of Le Specs sunglasses as it will not only protect your eyes but also enhance your overall look instantly!

LE SPECS Clothing

Beat the beaming sunrays with Le Specs sunglasses

During the warm summer (and the all-year long hot weather for countries along the equator), a nice pair of Le Specs sunnies will not only bring comfort to your precious eyes but also bring out your ultimate coolness and glam! Le specs will definitely transform your simple Saturday outfit into outstanding looks by adding that chic and glamorous vibe to your overall look.

Le Specs re-branded, re-designed and re-created new waves within the eyewear industry

Widely popular as the ‘Euro chic’ eyewear brand back in the 1980s, Le Specs uses its iconic blue, white and red logo as well as its alluring advertising to hold a strong brand recognition among the media. To keep people excited for Le Specs, new styles were created when the Australian brand was re-launched by Sydney-based eyewear firm called Sunshades Eyewear in 2006 with a fresher and more modern design, Le Specs Creative Director Hamish Tame told Thrillist Media Group (TMG)’s style portal JackThreads.

How to find your perfect pair of Le Specs shades?

Shopping online for sunglasses can be a not-so-easy mission as you can’t physically try them on, but you can follow the following tips to get the perfect match of Le Specs sunglasses for your face shape. Now look at the mirror and identify your face shape:

Oblong face shape - your face should be longer than it is wide. Your jaw line, cheeks and forehead are all of the same width, but your jaw line is probably rounded.
Tips: Pick sunnies that are square or round shaped with strong bridges as they will frame your face shape. Do away with thin and petite frames that will elongate you face. Le Specs Runaways Luxe Sunglasses will suit your face shape and provide maximum UV protection.
Diamond face shape - your face is a little longer than it is wide. Your jaw line is pointed and your cheekbones are set higher and are the widest parts of your face.
Tips: Look for curved square and oval shaped shades as they will soften your overall facial ratio. Avoid shades that are wider than your cheekbones as they will make you look too angular and fierce. Le Specs Bandwagon Sunglasses with mirrored lenses will suit your face shape.
Heart face shape - your face is longer than it is wide. Your jaw line is long and pointed, and is the narrowest part of your face.
Tips: Steer clear of sunnies that sit too high on your nose or top-heavy frames as they will highlight your broad forehead, making them enormous! Search for frames that are cats-eye shaped or semi rimless as they will soften your look and compliment your eyes. Your jaw line will also be perfectly framed with such shades. Le Specs The Last Lolita Sunglasses will let you accentuate your femininity.
Oval face shape - your face is a little longer than it is wide. It is of an inverted egg shape — slightly wider at the top than the bottom. Your jaw line is somewhat rounded.
Tips: You have the best face shape for glasses as your features are well-balanced. So, your face will suit any type of sunglasses as long as the sunglasses are as wide as your cheekbones. Get Rihanna’s favourite Le Specs Bowie Sunglasses and stay protected from harmful UV rays while keeping your cool look!
Round face shape - your jaw line is full and round. Your face is nearly as wide as it is long and your cheekbones are the widest part of your whole face.
Tips: Go for angular shaped and straight frames that will build more structure on your face and minimise your curves. Do away with circular or oval shaped sunglasses. Choose dark coloured frames that will help bring out your eyes and sharpen your look. Pick the all-black square framed Le Specs New Wave Polarized Sunglasses that will better shape your round face.

Le Specs are made for the bold and glamorous

Inspired by Australia’s beach culture, London’s street style, latest fashion trends of Paris, retro classic styles of the olden times, Le Specs creates eyewear that are sexy with a sassy twist. The brand's eyewear collections today stay true to its heritage with subtly daring details, experimental attitude and expressive designs that will swoon the crowd. Le Specs is the true sunglasses trend setter with its famous cult following, especially among the young generation that are into fashion and impeccable style. Among the many celebs that have rocked Le Specs sunnies include:

  • Rihanna
  • Lady Gaga
  • Beyonce
  • Katy Perry
  • Kate Moss
  • Nicole Scherzinger

Get Le Specs eyewear

Shop for glamorous Le Specs online and get your favourite pair of shades that will keep you protected from strong UV rays and enhance your daily looks. All Le Specs eyewear also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you need not worry about manufacture flaws. Return services for Le Specs eye wear vary for different partnering stores, so please do read through their policy beforehand.