Diamonds are forever. And nothing is more symbolic in romance that the diamond ring proposed on bended knee. But diamond engagement ring prices in Malaysia have never been affordable. LAZO DIAMOND MALAYSIA solves just that.


Diamond Rings Don’t Need to Cost 2 Months Salary

A ring is more than just a ring - it means the world to your lover when you propose with it. It isn’t just a piece of metal. It’s a promise - a lifelong promise that showcases your devout love for each other. This is the biggest moment of your life. You want to make it special. But the cost of the ring takes the romance out of it all. You can afford it if you tried - but it’s only temporary until you two get your wedding bands.

Let’s not forget the possible soul-crushing moments of your hard-earned ring getting scratched and the old traditional and boring designs that make your fiance's ring look like any other person’s ring. So many considerations.

You also heard of the two months salary rule for engagement rings and figured it will be almost 4 months worth of savings! Money that could have been spent travelling or having romantic dinners together. If only there was a way to show your love AND go places together - having the time of your lives.

But there is a way that gives you gorgeous and modern diamond rings without breaking the bank. Real authentic diamonds matched with contemporary designs that scream beau-ti-ful when you show it to your lover for the first time. The kind of design your lover would show off with absolute pride - over the moon that you have such good taste. Enter LAZO DIAMOND.

Owning A Diamond is No Longer A Dream with LAZO DIAMOND Malaysia

LAZO DIAMOND was established in 2003 and has evolved into one of Malaysia’s leading manufacturer and retailer of white gold and diamond jewellery. Their mission is to cater to the growing need for everyday wear of white gold and diamond jewellery. What sets them apart from other diamond producers is their price plus their contemporary designs. Romance is now within reach.

Multi-Award Winning Jewellery Retailer

LAZO DIAMOND has a strong industry track record at award ceremonies. They were named “The Largest White Gold & Diamond Specialist Retail Chain" according to the Malaysia Book of Records. They won the Fair Price Shop Award from 2005 to 2010. They were also awarded the Golden Bull Award 2008 - 2009 (Best Entrepreneur).

More than Just Rings

Besides LAZO DIAMOND rings, LAZO DIAMOND has a range of other jewellery to offer. You can check out their LAZO DIAMOND bracelets. Their bracelets add that extra flair to your style more than a watch can. If you wish to keep your arms free, try on LAZO DIAMOND anklets - they will match your shoes perfectly (and highlight your taste in shoes). LAZO DIAMOND also offers earrings, pendants and gold bars. LAZO DIAMOND promotions happen quite regularly throughout the year, so don’t miss out!