As one of the top brands for pads in Malaysia, the Kao Cooperation's Laurier brand provides options for sanitary products that meet the requirements of every woman.

How to choose the right Laurier product?

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Kao Laurier Sanitary Pads Malaysia

Kao Corporation was inaugurated in the year 1884 under a different name. The name of the company changed to Kao Corporations in 1985. Kao specializes in personal care and cleaning products with more than 20 brands operating under the administration apart from Laurier. The company expanded further into the Asian markets including Malaysia in the 2000s.

Laurier brand is a brand of sanitary products. Laurier sanitary pads are created with innovative and cutting edge technology to meet the specific requirements for all women. Laurier brand provides a range of pads from maxi to slim with a variety of wing options to choose from. It is counted amongst the choices of sanitary products for women available in Malaysia.

How to choose the right Laurier product?

Although it is common for women to use thinner pads for less bulk even with heavier flow, slim pads are designed for lighter menstrual flow meanwhile maxi pads are designed for heavier flow The wing is a flap that keeps the pad attached to the underwear. When choosing the right pad for your needs the properties of each pad must be taken into consideration.

Laurier F Ultra Slim Wing

The wavy surface of the pad allows free flow and minimal friction, relieving stuffiness, moisture and skin irritations. The super-absorbent layer of the Laurier F Ultra Slim Wing pads absorbs the moisture quickly keeping you dry.

Laurier Perfect Comfort Super Maxi

Laurier Perfect Combo Maxi Pads absorbs twice as fast as a regular pad and locks it in the core to prevent leakages leaving you sticky free and 5x drier for that maximum comfort. The antibunching feature stops blood from spreading to the edges preventing any potential leakage.

Laurier Night Safe

The Laurier Night Safe sanitary pads are the perfect companion for women looking for a leakage-free night of sleep. The pad guarantees superior dryness with two times more absorption and locks the fluid in the centre preventing any flow to the back.

Laurier Super Slim Guard

Keeps women active and comfortable with a 0.1cm ultra-thin, super-absorbent pad. Laurier super slim guard provides better protection than a panty liner on light flow days. The extra speed absorbency has the potential to entrap sudden gushes and prevents leaking.

Laurier Active Fit Panty Liner

Prevents skin irritations as the material remains breathable and airy preventing stuffiness. The Laurier instant absorbency technology enables women to stay dry and comfortable during the day.