Enjoy the convenience of keeping track of your car's conditions and where abouts through your smart phone with Launch Malaysia's auto diagnostic and maintenance tools and equipment. They offer groundbreaking technology in keeping track of your car's condition and location with their state of the art technology. Read more about them here!


Launch Malaysia: State of the Art Car Maintenance and Diagnostic Tools

The Launch of Launch Tech

Launch Malaysia also known as Launch Tech is a company that manufactures diagnostic scan tools for vehicles and garage equipment such as lifts, wheel aligners, code readers, and etc. They came to rise in the United States and has expanded their market all the way to Australia and Southeast Asia. This company develops products that are agents for automotive diagnostics, which are cost-effective solutions for the consumers to perform and conduct, fast, accurate, OEM level diagnostics and repairs.

Launch Tech was founded in 1992 and since then they have relentless strived to develop innovative solutions to car diagnostic and maintenance equipment needs. Their Golo series is the technology that made the company break out into the mainstream market and became known for what it is now. Their invention which is the Golo, revolutionized the way cars are repaired, monitored, overseen, and diagnosed by simply integrating the aid of online connectivity into their car’s support system. It also paved the way for car tracking, futuristic anti-theft alerts, and all other security functions for cars. Because of such feat, Launch Tech has become a leading manufacturer of vehicle diagnostic tools and garage equipment.

Mechanical Engineering Experts

Launch has employed over 300 qualified research and development engineers who are led by experts and highly experienced specialists in the field of mechanical engineering and automotive sector. The company also established various test centers across the world to ensure that they could integrate the highest level of coverage as possible and to come up with not just innovative products, but also functional in more than just one way. With a team of top notch talents, Launch has been accredited to the internationally recognized quality standards of ISO9001: 2000 and TS16949.

Why Choose Launch Malaysia?

Launch is a company that has a vast capability to manufacture and develop up to date and innovative diagnostic tools and equipment for every vehicle and garage needs. Their state of the art inventions comes with a very competitive pricing offer without any compromise to their products’ quality. They have a long list of patents that were granted to them by internationally recognized quality standards that no other company could even come close to.

Launch Malaysia Products


A smart plug-and-play device that can diagnose, monitor and inspect your vehicle remotely with the aid of a mobile network. To date, their most popular Golo product is the Golo 5. It comes with an app for Android and iOS platform called “golo carcare” which is a social networking platform that takes Instant Messaging as a communication platform between the car maintenance enterprise of Launch and the user of the device and app.

The Golo device is packed with the following features:

    • GPS
    • G-Force Sensor
    • Gyro Sensor
    • Map service and vehicle location
    • Driving route record, replay capability of the routes taken, and sharing it in social media.
    • Online consultation with a service technician.
    • Notification alert for vehicle abnormal status
    • Real time monitoring
    • Vehicle status inspection
    • Remote diagnosis

Code Reader

This tool is created for car owners to carry out diagnostic steps for their vehicle which complies with the standards of OBDII/EOBD. Not only can it read DTCs, it can also run special diagnostics on the vehicle. It can also function in different languages such as English, German, and Spanish, making it easier to operate for the technician. The Code Reader from Launch works hand in hand with Launch’s GOLO vehicle telematics platform.
Its features include the following:

    • Android System
    • WiFi Capability
    • Supports multiple car models from over 40 regions in Asia, US, EU, and Australia.
    • Retrieves VIN, CIN, and CVN
    • Read live OCM Data Stream
    • Much

Diagnostic Scan Tools

Their auto diagnostic device is based on the Android platform and could run web based applications. Basically their diagnostic scan tools area pretty much like an Android Tablet that’s integrated with vehicle management hardware and applications.


Their lifts are the answer to every vehicle owner’s need for a garage lowering and lifting device for their vehicles. The Lifts from Launch Tech are double hydraulic cylinders with high strength and chain drive, making lifting and lower smooth to operate. They can function manually and automatically, depending on the mode that the user prefers. Launch Offers two types of Lifts: 2 posts and 4 posts.

Their tools and devices could cover almost all vehicles sold in the market today, and even those that dates back a decade ago. The software of their products are specifically made to cater to all cars and is most sought after due to its various functions such as full OBDII test mode coverage, adaptive resets, relearn procedures, and key and module programming. For your vehicle maintenance and diagnostic needs, whether you want to do it yourself or you require the aid of an expert, Launch Malaysia diagnostic and maintenance tools and equipment will prove to be necessary to keeping your car on top of its game.