Serving you fresh Korean looks, Laneige Malaysia is one of the biggest beauty brands in Korea. From skin care to cosmetics, their excellent array of products will instantly transform you into a Korean idol and their lip products are to die for. Check out the best lipsticks and lip stains from Laneige Malaysia or read more about how you can get that trendy gradient lips below.


How to Get Gradient Lips with Laneige Lipsticks and Lipstains

Western and Korean/Asian beauty styles are different in every way. From the base to brows, you could see the difference in how makeup is applied. Korean/Asian provide a subtler appeal by creating a flawless, cute, and "innocent" look while Western makeup tends to capitalize on contour and creating dramatic looks.

One difference between the two styles is how lipsticks are applied. Korean/Asians prefer doll-like lips while the West employs dramatic and often overdrawn lips. Gradient lips in Korea are definitely in trend; you can see it everywhere and on every idol, you follow on social media. If you want to get this look, make you have a Laneige lipstick or lip stain, a lip brush, and lip scrub.

Step One: Exfoliate Your Lips

To achieve gradient lips, the first thing that you need to do is exfoliate. This gives you a smoother base to work on and helps you get rid of dead skin cells. A lip scrub would be appropriate to hydrate your skin and exfoliate your lips. However, if you don't have a lip scrub at the moment, you can use a toothbrush soaked in warm water to wash away dead skin cells.

Step Two: Add Laneige Lipstain/ Lipstick

The next step on the road to gradient lips is bringing in the color. You can use any shade of Laneige lipsticks but the most popular ones are pinks, peaches, and corals. Choose the color that you want and apply it only at the center of the lip. This will help you manipulate the color of the product and build that gradient effect.

For maximum effect, you can use the Laneige Two-Tone Lip Bar in any shade. Instead of having one shade, this lipstick has a lighter and darker tone that would help you achieve those gradient lips. These lipsticks are specially made to make you look like a KPOP star!

Step Three: Spread Out the Color

The last step on how to get gradient lips is to spread the color from the center outward. To do this, use a lip brush (or even your own hand) to smudge the product out from the center. This creates a beautiful gradient effect that starts from a pigmented center to a gradually fading color. Take it up a notch by applying clear lip gloss or lip balm over your lips to get that gleaming effect.

Stepping up the standard of Korean beauty, Laneige Malaysia gives you a multitude of products such as foundations, BB creams, lip and cheek stains, and so much more!

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