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Lancaster Malaysia: Your personal skin expert

Lancaster Malaysia: The environmental beauty expert

As the largest organ in your body, your skin works as a protective layer, helping your body to adapt to the outside world. It works as a physical and microbial banner and as since it is sensitive to various touch stimuli, pressure, temperature and pair, the skin helps us in exploring the environment by sending the messages to the brain for a reaction. When your skin is able to do this much, why would you allow harmful chemicals and dangerous substances to destroy it?

So when it comes to deciding what creams and lotions to choose, knowing the ingredients is the most important procedure. At Lancaster, their team is known for working together with acclaimed specialist from only the best institutions all over the world and with the advancement of technology, this beauty brand keeps your skin looking radiant and youthful, for many, many more years to come.

Lancaster Malaysia: Showing your skin some tender loving care

A cosmetic house that was founded in 1946, Lancaster’s aim is to be every woman’s companion throughout her different stages in life. Their main concern has always centred around beauty and the development of products to enhance and extend natural beauty, which made them strive to design innovative, honest, efficient, and pleasing products that allows you to achieve your desired skin dream. Up to this very day, all products created by Lancaster are what makes the brand; the exceptional ingredients, futuristic technology, and delicious textures.

This beauty house focuses on three different fields, Skincare, Makeup and Sun Care. As an expert in everything sun related and possessing the highest experience in safeguarding your skin and its DNA, Lancaster is the best when it comes to maintaining your skin’s beauty in the face of UV rays, pollutions and every form of aggression.

Today, Lancaster has grown to be the best player in the international luxury cosmetics and maintained its first position in the European market in the selective Sun care market. They are present in over 400 countries with over 500 patents worldwide with research centres in Europe and the U.S. As a pioneer at the forefront of science when it comes to the skin, Lancaster does not stop and continues to amaze everyone.

Lancaster Malaysia: Why they are the best

Beyond the game changing DNA technology, Lancaster has been one of the first to introduce major game changing cosmetology breakthrough that took the whole world by storm. This advancement include:

Retinol or the Vitamin A, is an essential substance to skin functioning and is widely known to be the most effective anti-ageing ingredients. It was first introduced to the cosmetic world by the Lancaster labs in 1976 when they found out a unique form of Vitamin A that could be integrated in an emulsion base.
As most of you would know, the level of oxygen in the skin decreases as you increase in age. To change that, Lancaster developed the famous A*O*C*S* (Asymmetric Oxygen Carrier System) technology became the first to deliver oxygen to the skin for renewed vitality. Ever since then, the formula has been updated regularly and today, Lancaster’s products are available to improve the oxygen content in your skin.
Antioxidants are widely used in skincare to provide protection from harmful bacteria found all around us and the UV light. Lancaster was one of the first to identify both this harmful substance and developed an exclusive antioxidant shield to neutralize up to 95% of them.
The DNA of our skin cells is responsible for the beauty and youthful aspect of the skin. When they DNA is damaged, it directly influences the ageing process. To curb that, Lancaster offers anti-ageing skincare and sun care products with DNA action that protects and repairs the skin to slow down the aging process.

Lancaster Malaysia: The best of the best

365 Skin Repair Serum Youth Renewal
If you are always concerned about the impact of the daily environmental damage around you such as the UV rays, pollution, bacteria, or stress and skin aging, then you are in need of the 365 Skin Repair Serum Youth Renewal. It is Lancaster’s first repair serum that targets 100% of the skin aging sources, both biological and environmental, for bright, younger looking skin all 365 days a year.
Anti-Ageing Ultra Nourishing After Sun Balm
When your tan does not seem even, or when you realise that dark spots or wrinkles are all over your skin, or when your skin is more sensitive to the sun, this is the time to get the Anti-Ageing Ultra Nourishing After Sun Balm. This non-oily, creamy sun balm works are a ‘second skin’ that gives your optimal comfort with deep repairing action after your whole day under the sun.
365 Cellular Elixir – Youth Prolongation Serum
Signs off aging are not as visible as you age but it scientifically proven that damaged skin DNA leads to collagen destruction and allows the aging process to accelerate. The 365 Cellular Elixir- Youth Prolongation Serum contains everything you need to slow down the aging process. It contains the DNA action complex and exclusive antioxidants which helps the daily skin DNA maintenance by supporting the repair and protection process.

No one knows your skin better than Lancaster. Maybe it’s time to start trusting it.