The king of the supercars is here in Malaysia – Lamborghini. A brand that shows you luxury is not only measured in karats or thread-counts but also horsepower. Find the best merchandise from the supercar brand here below.

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Reasons to Love Lamborghini

The Raging Bull. The biggest name in the world of supercars, Lamborghini is known for its flair and eccentric designs. From the supercar’s origins of the Miura to the flamboyant edges of the Countach and the sleek looks of the Huracan, Lamborghini has wowed supercar enthusiasts all over the world. Not only as a performance car but also as a fashion statement, Lamborghini brings class and elegance in its details and precision of making cars. The beauty of Lamborghini is the ability to get its merchandise across the world. You may never get to own a Lamborghini in real life, but you can own Lamborghini merchandise. Let’s look at some of Lamborghini’s top line of products you can get in the Malaysia.

Choose class, choose Lamborghini

A brand a person chooses says a lot about that individual. This is why classy individuals stand out in the crowd. The name Lamborghini says brings class and finesse to a person’s appearance. Thanks to the world-class appearance of Lamborghini that caters to the wealthy, high-class society, the name exudes premium craftsmanship in every product it makes. Hence, having Lamborghini apparel brings your class and status up a notch. Choose class, choose Lamborghini.

More than just supercars

Lamborghini’s Italian heritage is known for its passion and enthusiastic designs in its supercars. Unbeknownst to many, the passion that fuels its cars is the same passion that brings out quality in its apparel and accessory line-up. Some of Lamborghini’s merchandise include the following:

What makes Lamborghini the most exotic supercar name?

You know what makes a supercar special? What makes Lamborghini special? Think of all the car brands in the world. Cars made for the masses to use are generally mass-produced in factories. As king of the supercars, Lamborghini cars are not made that way. Only the body, frame, and engine are made in a factory. Everything else is handmade.

Take one look at the door panels on each Lamborghini, you will notice premium leather hand-stitched to perfection. A combination of synthetic materials as well as natural, give each car a hybrid-sensation of performance. Details are perfected down to the dot. Each part has to fit flush with the frame of the supercar.

Handmade craftsmanship

It takes decades for a craftsman to master the skills of the trade. Lamborghini applies this principle in getting only the best workmen to put each car together. From leather stitching to its audio-visual system, to the electronics system, Lamborghini brings in the world’s top names of material and accessories into its cars. Many of these brands are expensive because of handmade craftsmanship. Each accessory added on can be customized to suit the car buyer. Therefore, the car owner can customize every detail in his/her car. How awesome is that?!

A brave company

Lamborghini has, for years, been a daring company. One way the name signifies courage and audacity is in its logo – the raging bull. The bull has long been a part of Italy’s history thanks to the matadors and bullfights held every year. As the company creates supercars that are powerful, the raging bull is an apt emblem.

You can also see its flamboyance in its colour variations. Compared to other supercars, a Lamborghini’s colours scream out visually when it passes by in the street. The brightest, most captivating colours coat each car. From bright yellow and green to fiery-red and Candy blue, these colours were made to attract attention.

Design is one way car makers can turn heads. If there’s one car maker that has done exactly that, it’s Lamborghini. After the Miura, Lamborghini’s designs have been somewhat out-of-this-world. Space-age shapes make cars like the Countach look like it just came back from the future. Seeing these designs, designers have been motivated to go past stereotypes and create figments of their imagination. The first of the car makers to use the upward-swinging doors, Lamborghini started the revolution of supercars with these features to this day.

Accessories to match each car model

You might think Lamborghini is big only in the automotive world. But you’d be wrong. Lamborghini has a huge selection of merchandise that can be customized to suit each car model. Let’s say your favourite Lamborghini is the Murcielago; simply look for apparel or accessories that suit that model. If you own a Lamborghini, you will know how easy it is to customize your ride. Everything from clothes to wallets, watches, pens, mugs, USB drives, notepads, and even phone cases can be customized from the brand.

We do have to keep in mind to find original Lamborghini merchandise. This is due to the fact that there are many fake brands that copy this Italian supercar name.