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Get the best and most charming rag dolls you have ever seen with Lalaloopsy Malaysia! Browse below for more toys or know more about the brand here.

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Catering your kid’s Imagination with Lalaloopsy Malaysia

Lalaloopsy Malaysia from MGA Entertainment is one of the most popular toys in the market. Featuring the best and the cutest rag dolls of the century, Lalaloopsy dolls are now a playground favorite with loved characters such as Bea Spells-a-lot and Jewel Sparkles, you can’t help but fall in love with these adorable toys!

Lalaloopsy’s first debut

Lalaloopsy was first conceptualized as “Bitty Buttons” in July 19, 2010 by MGA Entertainment. The idea was to release 13” rag dolls to the market with the tag line “sew magical - sew cute”. Each doll was set on a fictional theme which reflects the day they are “born” and the fabrics in which they were sewn from, as well as their pet. Bitty Buttons first released 8 characters namely: Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Jewel Sparkles, Peanut Big Top, Bea Spells-a-lot, Mittens Fluff-N-Stuff, Dot Starlight, Pillow Featherbed, and Spot Splatter Splash.

Shortly after Bitty Buttons was released to the public, the name was later changed to Lalaloopsy. From there, the merchandise expanded to over 50 more characters, spawning several webisodes and even a full-feature movie titled Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land: The Search For Pillow! under Nickolodeon productions in 2012. The toy line also expanded to several mini and micro series, which are smaller renditions of your favorite Lalaloopsy characters. Lalaloopsy also received the People’s Play Award for large dolls in 2010; the same year it was first released to the public.

About MGA Entertainment

MGA or Micro Games American Entertainment is one of the biggest toy manufacturers in the United States. Since its establishment in 1979, the company has produced several toy lines in the market, including Lalaloopsy, Bratz, and Moxie Girls. The company also owns Little Tikes which creates indoor and outdoor toys for younger children. Today, the company employs 1,100 people and is valued to over $2 billion in revenue.

Most popular Lalaloopsy Malaysia characters

Designed as modern ragdolls, Lalaloopsy is absolutely cute and a sure hit amongst preschoolers. Their adorable button eyes, plastic curly hair and charming little outfits always encourages us to play. With more than 50 characters available, fans and serious collectors have their own favorite Lalaloopsy dolls. Here are a few characters that you must have on your collection or on your kid’s toy box:

Ivory Ice Crystal

Lalaloopsy's snow princess! Ivory Ice crystal is a winter fairy character with a variety of snow pets. She is delicate like a snowflake and she just loves to wear fancy icicle jewellery.

Jewel Sparkles

This character is a favorite amongst girls because of her loopy hair, and girly appearance with tons of accessories! She loves teaching her friends about etiquette and poise.

Bea Spells-a-lot

Smart and clever, Bea is an aspiring teacher often seen wearing plaid and pleats, resembling a school uniform. Her accessories are books and rulers and she has a pet owl.

Peanut Big Top

The circus star of Lalaloopsyland! She is the greatest ringmaster and circus performer. Peanut Big Top is dressed as a clown and can be a little bit of a prankster.

Yuki Kimono

This gorgeous Lalaloopsy is one of the most exotic residents in Lalaloopsyland. She loves to giggle, laugh and fold origami. She was sewn from a kimono and has a cat for a pet.

Trace E. Doodles

A wild and imaginative character, Trace E. Doodles is a creative Lalaloopsy but she can sometimes go over-the-top with her creations. She has a Zebra for a pet and was sewn from a chalkboard.

Sir Battlescard

Sewn from a knight’s armor, Sir Battlescard is the chivalrous knight in shining armor of Lalaloopsy. He is a fearless hero who loves swordfights, archery, and storming castles and has a dragon for a pet.

Peggy Seven Seas

The adventurous Peggy Seven Seas and her parrot are on their quest to find the next big treasure! Made from a ship’s sail, Peggy loves to explore territories and loves to put secret messages in bottles.

Scraps Stitched’N’Sewn

Scary but super shy; Scraps Stitched’N’Sew is not a big fan of crowds but is always ready to make friends in Lalaloopsy land. She is sewn from scraps and bolts of lightning with her pet labrador.

Haley Galaxy

Haley Galaxy is your out-of-this-world Lalaloopsy sewn from an unidentified shiny object. She is quirky and often found making wishes on shooting stars and collecting moon rocks with her green alien pet.

Why choose Lalaloopsy Malaysia?

Aside from being a cute addition to your kid’s toy box, Lalaloopsy dolls are collectible with over 50 characters to get your hands on with tons of accessories and mini versions that every kid must have. Each of these dolls are unique, colorful and absolutely adorable. You can’t deny how cute these dolls are!

Another reason why parents should choose Lalaloopsy dolls is that it teaches valuable life lessons to kids at a very young age. According to MGA Entertainment CEO, Lalaloopsy was designed to teach children that each and every one is unique and special in their own way. The brand also encourages creativity and imagination in children, and that old things can be recycled and repurposed. Teaching kids diversity, and individuality are also some of the many life lessons that Lalaloopsy Malaysia can teach our children.

Lalaloopsy not only gives you the best dolls but also encourages good practice among children. In addition, the brand also has Lalaloopsy perfumes, and Lalaloopsy clothing that your children would love, on top of their own Lalaloopsy dolls. Make your kid smile with exciting new products from Lalaloopsy Malaysia!