Are you in constant search for the ultimate skincare brand that offers you timeless beauty? The La Prairie is the brand you are looking for. Find out more about the brand here.


La Prairie Malaysia – An eternal quest for timeless beauty

If a wish is given to any women in the world, her ultimate wish would be to maintain her youthful, supple, moisturized skin forever. Wrinkles, dark spots, freckles and dry skin are all signs of aging that no women want on her face. And because of this, the skincare market is doing even better than before with products that emphasizes all on anti-aging. But how well do you think what you see on the racks would work for you? Some are purely chemicals based with side effects that come back and bite you in the back later on.

But with La Prairie, you never have to worry about how you would look 50 years from now, for this luxurious skin care protects you from the visible signs of aging and made purely from our Mother Nature.

La Prairie Malaysia – The legacy of ageless beauty

La Prairie traces its heritage to Montreux, Switzerland atClinique La Prairie where exclusive treatments were administered to many high profile guests including politicians and celebrities. For more than half a century the Clinique was the pioneer in cellular and anti-aging technology sharing their advances with thousands of visitors from around the world.

Life of the brand began over 60 years ago in 1931, when Paul Niehans carried out the first live skin transplantations in the La Prairie clinic in Clarens-Montreux on Lake Geneva. Dr Niehan's research into the nature of cells and cellular therapy made the La Prairie clinic famous around the world. Over 65,000 patients from all over the world - including the rich and famous - visited the clinic which helped them to regain their capacity for work and their zest for life. Knowledge gained from this research provided the scientific basis for dermatologists and researchers at La Prairie to translate their findings into "the development of exclusive preparations and cellular extract to be applied topically, with incredible effect on the skin.

In 1982, Laboratories La Prairie became its own brand (no longer connected with the Clinique) or La Prairie Switzerland as they are now known, and continues to create products at the forefront of technology, science and luxury. La Prairie Switzerland is renowned both for the scientific integrity of its products and for its unparalleled commitment to perfection. La Prairie’s ascent to skin perfection unveiled a state-of-the-art range of cellular treatments based on the La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex. Only found in La Prairie products, these age-fighting ingredients deliver nutrients essential to the health, vitality and overall appearance of your skin.

La Prairie Malaysia – Cosmetics to add to your luxurious experience

Colour is an important part of a woman’s routine in presenting her image to the world. La Prairie offers a colour range with skincare benefits that ensure she can present her skin in the best light immediately. The core of the range, and the most successful in terms of sales, is the Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation SPF 15. This foundation has exceeded expectations by delivering more than its promise. It moisturises with caviar extracts and La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex, it provides SPF protection, delivers a flawless radiant finish, and comes with a perfectly matched concealer and even 2 mirrors, a sponge and a brush!

La Prairie Malaysia – Science in the name of beauty

While it’s impossible to stop the skin aging process completely, it can be slowed down so that skin remains younger for longer. That’s why the La Prairie experts have been conducting research in the antiaging segment for nearly four decades. Their luxurious skin care products are some of the most popular in the premium segment.

On their eternal quest for timeless beauty, La Prairie took inspiration from the Clinique La Prairie’s advances treatments to create its exclusive cellular complex with age-fighting ingredients of both bio-tech and botanical origin. La Prairie’s exclusive cellular complex provides nutrients such as glycoproteins, ginseng roots and horsetail extracts to help revitalize, energize and deeply moisturize the skin. As the basis of nearly every formula since the very beginning, the cellular complex is La Prairie’s life-infusing science signature.

Some of their other premium collection include –

The Platinum Collection - Platinum is one of the rarest raw materials on earth, but did you know that the precious metal is also an effective fountain of youth? This collection allows you to pamper, rejuvenate and transform all major visible signs of ageing for your own most precious asset, your skin.
The Skin Caviar Collection - Caviar’s more than just a delicacy. With its unique proteins, it also pampers your skin, making it silky soft and smooth.
The White Caviar Collection - Clear, firm, and radiant skin was even a sign of elegance and nobility in the antiquity. Embody this timeless ideal of beauty with the exceptional brightening and firming benefits that are enhanced with golden caviar extracts, liquid crystals and pearlescence for a softly lit luminosity. Uneven tones appear to fade away, skin looks more firm.
The Radiance Collection - All that glitters is not gold – in your case, it’s simply glowing, vibrant skin full of radiance.
The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection - Turn back time with natural crystals of eternal ice – for a skin that looks much fresher and younger and noticeably more resilient.
The Swiss Moisture Collection - Natural plant-based active ingredients care for and soothe your skin, providing it with optimal, intensive moisture.