Sometimes it’s difficult to find a makeup brand that’s quintessentially American without breaking your bank. With LA Girl Cosmetics, you can emulate your favorite Hollywood stars with what you got in your wallet. Check out below on what LA Girl Malaysia has to offer.

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Live the American Beauty Dream with Best-Sellers from LA Girl Malaysia

Whether you’re an amateur cosmetics enthusiast or an experienced makeup artist, you can all agree that makeup products can be ridiculously expensive. Though LA Girl Malaysia is considered a drugstore makeup brand back in the United States, here they offer affordable alternatives that can complete your cosmetics collection while helping you stay within budget. Below are some of the LA Girl best-sellers that you can add to your makeup bag and use to recreate a classic American-style look.

LA Girl Base Makeup

Just like constructing a building, your base or foundation is crucial when it comes to makeup. Luckily, LA Girl Malaysia carries some of the best face makeup products that will help your makeup stay put throughout the day.

First, you need a good primer to prep your face. After applying your usual skin care products, apply the LA Girl HD Pro Smoothing Face Primer that will smoothen the skin and hide large pores. This lightweight primer makes it easier for your other base makeup product to be applied and blended.

The next step after applying your primer varies; if you’re aiming for a natural makeup, you can opt for the LA Girl HD Pro BB Cream. This BB Cream is a super-lightweight moisturizer, primer, and concealer all at once. On the other hand, if you want to go full-glam, then you need two LA Girl products to create a flawless base: the LA Girl HD Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation and the LA Girl HD Pro Conceal. After applying your LA Girl foundation, you can use the LA Girl Pro Conceal to hide blemishes, dark circles, under-eye bags, and color-correct any discolorations.

The last step is to set your face makeup with a loose and translucent LA Girl HD Pro Setting Powder. This step also helps in maintaining the balance of your sebum without drying your skin. Additional steps before setting your makeup include contouring and putting a bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks.

LA Girl Brows and Eye Makeup

After your base makeup is all set, you can proceed to fill in your brows and your eye makeup. Your brows don’t have to as on fleek as beauty gurus on social media; you can simply fill them out according to your natural eyebrow shape. Use the LA girl Shady Slim Brow Pencil for this step and make sure your pencil is in a similar shade as your brows without being too light or too dark. Use the spoolie to brush your brows out and fill out any empty spaces within your eyebrow.

Once you’re done with your brows, can continue with your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. The style and colors of your eye makeup is completely up to you but a neutral-toned eye is the safest look for any type of occasion. You can try using the Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection from LA Girl Malaysia, a makeup palette that contains smooth mattes, dimensional shimmers, and pigments in 12 shades of pinks, maroons, mauves, browns, and peaches. Use the darker shades to contour your lids and the lighter shades to highlight the inner corners, brow bones, and the center of the lids.

Finish off your eye makeup with one of LA Girl’s liquid, felt tip, or pencil eyeliners as well as their volumizing and elongating mascaras. The recommended eyeliner and mascara include the Fiber Lash Mascara for its volumizing effect and the Fine Line Eyeliner for applications that need more precision.

LA Girl Lips

The last step to any makeup look is choosing the right lip product in the correct shade. The shade that you use for your lips also depends on you but it’s suggested that you balance out your neutral eye makeup with a pop of color on the lips. For a fuller effect, use the LA Girl Lipliner Pencil in a darker shade to outline the lips and use a lipstick (preferably the Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick or the Metal Liquid Lipstick) that’s one or two shades lighter all over the surface of the lips.

Aside from that, if you’re looking something a bit more natural, you can use the lightweight LA Girl Luxury Crème Lipstick or the Glazed Lip Paint. Both lip products will give you a shiny, glossy, and shimmery finish without drying or cracking your lips.

Other than the best-selling products above, LA Girl Malaysia also offers tools like brushes and sponges, as well as nail polish, cosmetics bags, and other accessories. All of La Girl products are made with the highest and safest ingredients while maintaining their affordability so they can cater to every single makeup enthusiasts across Malaysia and the world.