Feminine hygiene products are every girl’s best friend every month! Find your favorite Kotex Malaysia products below and click here to learn more about how you choose the right sanitary pads.

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Tips for choosing the right female hygiene products with Kotex Malaysia

When it comes to feminine products, Kotex Malaysia is the expert as they have a history of more than 90 years! From pads, tampons, to feminine washes and pantyliners, you are sure to stay fresh and clean, even during heavy flows. Owned and managed by Kimberly-Clarke, Kotex is now available in 80 countries, servicing millions and millions of girls, and encouraging feminine hygiene across the globe. You can stay fresh and confident without worrying about odor or back leaks with Kotex pads! Kotex has a wide array of products to take care of your feminine needs. Their products are made with specialized materials that help to absorb moisture and odor. Also, the discreet packaging is what makes it a great brand. The brand has a vast range of pads that suit to your flow. Kotex also has extra-long pads to keep you active during the day, and Kotex Overnights, when you hit the sack. Feminine washes and pantyliners are also available to keep unwanted odors and maintain pH balance and moisture. As a girl, it is important to maintain proper feminine hygiene, everyday. Protect your intimate parts from bad bacteria and maintain proper pH balance to prevent bad odors and infections. Get rid of your feminine hygiene anxieties by reading about how to choose the right sanitary pads!


Generally, pads that are cheaper are made a lot thicker and can be visible under pants. It is also uncomfortable to be worn as it is square-shaped. On the other hand, the absorbing powers of the cheaper pads are limited and might have to be replaced more often particularly if you have a heavier flow. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the expensive brands are any better. Simply ask a local chemist to recommend you a brand such as Blossom Malaysia and it would probably be fine. The thinnest forms of sanitary pads that they offer are panty liners which are typically used for light spotting when your period is about to end or it can be used daily for any vaginal discharge. The thickness of the pad does not always equal to good absorbency, because it all boils down to the design of the pad.


The sticky strips on the sides of the pad are not exactly charming but are advantageous for women who are more active. If you spend most of your days moving a lot, there are chances that your pad might move out of place and ultimately cause a leakage. Pads with wings will help to keep the pad in place with the sticky strips that can be stuck to underside of your panties, thus preventing any leakage from happening.

Shape and size

Every woman’s body is different and the blood loss during menstruation changes from day to day. This is the reason why sanitary pads come in a variety of sizes. The ranges of pads that are meant for menstrual flow are ultra-thin, regular, maxi and overnight. If your monthly visit is on the heavy side, it is best to choose maxi pads while those with lighter periods may opt for ultra-thin or regular. You know you better than anyone else, so study your menstrual flow and choose accordingly.


Generally, sanitary pads are classified into two categories, which are day or night. Day pads are slightly shorter compared to night pads where they measure around 17cm to 25cm. Night pads can go all the way to 35cm or even more! During the start of your period, most women would expect a heavier flow ranging from 3 to 5 days. These are the days where a longer pad is required to effectively absorb the menstrual flow. It is also recommended to use night pads as it would be cumbersome to find your bed sheets stained with blood when you wake up. There are certain brands that design their pads to conform to your body contours, efficiently preventing any side leakage while you toss and turn on your bed. Towards the end of your period where your flow is much lighter, you may switch to shorter pad lengths.


Ordinary disposable sanitary pads usually contain chemicals and toxins. Nonetheless, there are brands that offer female hygiene products that are made of organic materials. Real organic sanitary pads are made from organic cotton and not the commercialized ones. This is because; commercialized cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops and there might be traces of pesticides in the final product. Other than that, some women prefer pads that are made with a netted top layer. Overall the material should have a soft and skin friendly texture so to avoid bruising, itching, and other skin irritations during the cycle.

Scented or unscented

If you are self-conscious about the smell of your period, you can opt for the scented pads that will help mask any unpleasant scent. Although many women prefer to smell fresh down there, it depends on how sensitive your skin is to scented products it is always safer to stick with unscented sanitary pads. This is because; the chemicals used in pads may easily enter your private area.