SALE KOSÉ Maihada Hadajun Eye Cream 15g Brand from Japan: Kose. The more you age, the more you keep your eye moisturizing care with your eye cream properly, the impression of the surface and the impression of the make-up face change. When there is elasticity and transparency in the eyes, it is on the skin of a healthy and youthful impression. Medicinal eye cream of popular rice skin (Mayaida) with extremely strong moisture and skin moisturizing. It is a truly moisturizing keeping power. The earlier one begins to worry from the late 20's, to the dryness and fine lines of the eyes. A cream that is made without consideration of the eyes, a thick but sticky cream. As soon as the skin is plumped, it will make the fine wrinkles less noticeable by drying. It is recommended eye cream that you can feel the power of the active ingredient Rice Power No. 11. Rice Power No. 11 is an active ingredient for the first time that a new indication of improving skin moisture retention ability is recognized. After carefully selected steamed rice, fermented by adding lactic acid bacteria etc., it is an extract extracted for aging over 90 days. Although ceramide present in the stratum corneum of the skin has been shown to decrease with age and to be reduced also depending on the environment, Rice Power No. 11 has the effect of supporting this ceramide Yes. How to use: About 1 piece of rice grain is around the one eye proper amount. For the last of the morning and evening care (after using cream or gel cream after that), take it with the attached spatula and gently apply it to your skin with your fingertips. When using makeup, use slightly less amount than this. RM 364.10 RM 383.24 −4%

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