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KOSÉ Malaysia: Above and Beyond

KOSÉ Malaysia: A New Beginning

Japan is well known for the quality of its products and its innovation. Among its many products that it sells to the world, its beauty care range is quite in vogue. Using the best technology and ingredients, Japanese beauty products are guaranteed to take care of your skin while enhancing your natural beauty. Among the many Japanese beauty companies that are well known internationally, KOSÉ sticks out from the rest with its quality products that surpass all others.

KOSÉ was first founded by a man named Kozaburo Kobayashi in 1946, just months after the end of the Pacific War when Japan’s economy was not doing very well. Back then, cosmetics was associated with products that are used to maintain beauty and a healthy lifestyle. So, its founder launched the company with the belief that KOSÉ would be the hope and dreams of a population that was recovering from a long fight. While there were supply shortages due to the devastation of the war, not once did its founder stop supplying the customers with high quality products that exceeded their expectations. Since then, KOSÉ has adopted and carried on the spirit of its founders to deliver the best quality products possible for the pleasure and enjoyment of its consumers.

KOSÉ Malaysia: Home to only the Best

KOSÉ is a company that focuses strongly on the manufacturing and marketing of cosmetics. Its strength lies in its unwavering commitment to provide only the best to its customers, resulting in unique, high quality products. The company is home to a diverse group of brands. Each brand is separated into two categories: a brand that has the company’s name on it (in other words, a KOSÉ brand) and an individual brand (a brand that is totally original). From there, the brands are further broken down into 3 different tiers:

  • High-Prestige: Top quality brands that uses all of KOSÉ’s cutting-edge technologies. Products from these brands are sold mainly at specialty cosmetics stores and department stores. Staff who work for these brands are trained to offer skin diagnosis (and any other diagnosis) to help the customer determine which products would be the perfect beauty regimen for the customers.
  • Prestige: Brands in this category sells high quality products that are meant to be distributed to a wider customer base. The products from these brands can be found in places like specialty cosmetics stores to drugstores.
  • Cosmetaries (a word that combines ‘cosmetics’ with ‘toiletries’): Brands under this category are catered to shops that have a self-service policy (e.g.: mass retailers, drugstores, convenience stores, etc.). Products from brands in this category are high quality, but sold at a more reasonable price.

Among the brands that are solely under KOSÉ are:

  • Infinity KOSÉ: This brand exists to not only fulfil the needs of your skin, but to also give you happiness and confidence. Made from the best ingredients and technology that money can buy, Infinity KOSÉ exists only for bringing its customers happiness through the infinite beauty of their skin. It is also one of KOSÉ’s High-Prestige brands.
  • Sekkisei KOSÉ: A skincare brand that is well known and well sought after due to its gentle-yet-strong beauty care products that are made from plant-derived extracts. First released in 1985, the brand’s skincare range has helped women across the globe achieve beautiful, translucent skin that their hearts so desire.
  • Esprique: A prestigious makeup brand that uses KOSÉ’s latest technology and innovation. The products are made from high quality ingredients and are designed to be comfortable for use all day.
  • Visée: This is a makeup brand that is catered to ladies looking for a more mature, sophisticated look. Its style is very elegant and very ladylike. The brand produces quality makeup products that are available at affordable prices in drugstores, retail outlets and convenience stores.
  • Softymo: A brand that is home to a range of beauty products that is gentle on the skin. This brand is under one of the subdivisions of KOSÉ that manufactures affordable-yet-quality cosmetics and skincare products that are available in drugstores, convenience stores and retail outlets.

KOSÉ Malaysia: For the Love of Earth

Apart from producing and manufacturing the best skincare and cosmetics for its customers, KOSÉ also has a heart to give back to Mother Nature. It is a company that is dedicated to giving “wisdom and beauty for people and the earth”. Currently, the company is involved in two campaigns.

The first of which is “SAVE the BLUE” project. It was a campaign that was first launched in Japan in year 2009 and is still on-going. Only now, the project has since expanded to beyond the borders of Japan to across the entire Asian region. The project came into being through the brand’s focus on saving the coral reefs in Okinawa (that was on the verge of extinction due to global warming) by transplanting more coral. Though, the project has since expanded to including donations to WWF in Hong Kong, tree-planting activities by Green Life in China and so much more.

The second campaign that the company is focused on is the “Fukushima Sakura Project”. The company joined the project in 2013 in its efforts to provide assistance to areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. In year 2015, to mark the 3rd anniversary of the project, KOSÉ donated (for the first time) a seedling of a new cherry tree species that had been cultivated through cosmetic campaigns designed by the company.

KOSÉ Malaysia: Beauty for All

Shop for all your skincare needs with these awesome KOSÉ products that we have to offer! From KOSÉ Skin Care to KOSÉ Makeup, you will be able to find all you needs and more with these quality products. But if you feel that KOSÉ may not be to your liking, then check out the products that we have from Asian beauty brands like SkinFood, Innisfree, Holika Holika and Shu Uemura.