Wallpaper adds more spice to your room and gives it a new flavour. Korea Wallpaper one of the best wallpaper brands in Malaysia offers a variety of patterns, textures and colours to choose from.

The History of Wallpaper | How much wallpaper would you need?


Showcase Your Personality With Korea Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a material used on walls to give the perfect finish to any room that needs an uplift with regards to the design. Wallpapers add style, character and personality to the interior of your homes.

The local wallpaper business in Malaysia had boomed over the past decade. Korea Wallpaper Sdn Bhd was established in 2009 to keep up with the demand. They got an upper hand with an early establishment and is currently one of the most trusted and well-known local brands for wallpaper in Malaysia.

The History of Wallpaper

Wallpapers initially feature scenes and were hung loosely, oftentimes similar to tapestries or sometimes pasted on walls. Wallpaper was a decorative element for homes and palaces in the 18th century. The regal allure of the room was enhanced by expensive and well=painted wallpapers. Rennaissance Europe was ever-present and the elegant designs can still be found in Victorian-era homes in the United Kingdom, France and other countries of Europe.

The wallpaper mayhem did nor leave the Americas till the invention of longer-lasting paint in the 20th century. The wallpaper of a house is like a date determining stamp. The style of the wallpaper can be used to determine which year the house was built in. In some cases where the owners do not remove previous wallpaper and instead pastes the new wallpaper over it, peeling through layers of wallpaper may you back centuries if the house is old.

How to select the perfect wallpaper from Korea Wallpapers?


Korea wallpaper styles with cool colouring such as greens, blues or violets will make the room appear larger. The softness and the intenseness of the chosen colour matters when determining the feel of the room. Softer cool colours suggest tranquillity and intense colours can be chosen for freshness and to dramatize a room. Warm colours are preferred for buildings in colder climates. The intenseness of the colour of the wallpaper makes the room of your home or office more enthralling and exciting. Metallic coloured wallpaper also reflects light making the room brighter.


Your wall may have architectural flaws and imperfections. Choosing the perceived-texture or textured Korea wallpaper will hide the imperfections in plain sight. To get a darker tone to the room, select a textured wallpaper, the crevices create shadows. Add lamps and mirrors to your small room for a decorative or homely touch.

Suitable Style

For more formal rooms with grander furniture, a larger pattern with bolder colours is more suitable. Smaller patterns of Korea wallpaper can be used to make rooms seem more intimate, cosy and comfortable. Vertical patterns make the ceiling seem higher meanwhile designs like trellis give the room more depth. Make sure that the furniture in the room does not clash with the walls.

Mix and Match!

Korea wallpaper offers a variety of different choices of wallpapers to select from to style your home. However, you should always keep in mind that a room with too much pattern is restless and tacky. It could easily become an eyesore. Make sure the room is not overcrowded with too much pattern. Colour coordinate the selected designs for the perfect decorative finish.

How much wallpaper would you need?

To measure the wall space that needs to be covered, measure the length of the wall from corner to corner and then from wall to ceiling. If you are looking to cover the ceiling, measure the length and the width of the floor. Multiply the values. Repeat for all the walls that need to be covered and add all those values to find the total.

How long does Korea Wallpaper normally last?

Korea wallpaper normally last 10 years.