There are many ways to be healthy, one of it is to consume sufficient vitamins and nutrients so that our bodies will have the required daily nutrition. With our hectic lifestyles and untimely meal intakes, most us lose out in getting our daily required nutrition, but Kordel’s is here to help. Click here to learn more.


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The beginning of Kordel’s

An avid advocate of wellness accomplishment through balanced nutrition and healthy living through natural products and beneficial supplements, Dr Lelord Kordel founded the Kordel’s brand in 1949. Researcher and practitioner, Dr Kordel wanted to create products that will help more people achieve a better lifestyle and is always passionate in sharing his knowledge on wellness living. He has written several popular books like “Health through Nutrition”, “Eat Right – Live Longer”, “Eat and Grow Younger” and “Health the Easy Way” and has travelled extensively around the world to share about his fascinating insight on healthy living.

Presently, Kordel’s continues his advocacy of health through nutrition with products based on the latest research conducted on nutritional healing and disease prevention. Upholding Dr Kordel’s philosophy, Kordel’s brand developers and product team across the world prides itself in relating a closely-knit tie with its founder’s principles.

Kordel’s is dedicated in making affordable natural health supplements for all to enjoy a lifetime of good health!

Kodel’s commitment to make healthy living attainable

In order to ensure its products are always on-par with the best supplement standards, Kordel’s formulates and constantly reviews its processing to meet the needs of today's lifestyle. The brand’s products are a product line that are of an extensive range of advanced vitamins and minerals, food supplements and herbal formulations produced in compliance with the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and strict quality control.

Besides that, prevention is always better than cure. You might think that you don’t need vitamins and supplements just yet as you are at your prime age, but it is always better to build your body’s immune system in order to be less prone to viral flus, seasonal colds and etc.

Do you feel a slight pull after your daily jogs? Or does your knee experience mild tingling after your ride on the bike? Oh well, maybe these are just the bones and joints telling you to not overdo it but there might be more to these unusual body symptoms. They might be signalling a decline in your joint health.

As we age day by day, our bone sand joints also lose its prime condition. Remember when you were always told to drink lots of milk to build strong bones, have you been keeping up the same practice after your school days? We would naturally lose bone mass and calcium too and milk is definitely not the only calcium source. You don’t need the cow’s milk to get enough calcium, but you do need to be sure to fill up on more alkaline, calcium-rich foods or include Kordel’s Bio-Liquid Calcium to help replenished loss calcium or Kordel’s Calcium & Magnesium Plus to regulate calcium absorption and metabolism.

If consuming pills is not your preferred choice, Kordel’s has also made its products blend able/mixable with your daily food diet. Kordel’s Active Oat 35 can be used in making many kind of dishes like Mac and Cheese, Lemon Tarts, Green Smoothie, Meatballs even Homemade Mayonnaise. Specially formulated with patented chemical and ethanol free process, Oat 35 provides high strength Oat Beta-Glucan which has been clinically proven to lower or reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood glucose levels (if not consumed with food). MOH, EFSA, US FDA recognised as a functional food, this 100% plant derived product can help lower bile acids reabsorption and reduces absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol, which will also lower risk of heart disease.

Kordel’s Malaysia top products

Kordel’s has a variety of product offerings to cater to the different needs of all individuals no matter the age group.

Kordel’s Nutri-Time: 36 multi-nutrients in 1
A nutritional insurance that fulfils your daily health needs with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to complement our nutrient-deficient modern diet. All-in-one tablet to be taken once a day, it is not only a vitamin and mineral supplement but also has A nutritional insurance that fulfils your daily health needs. Made in the US, it is a multivitamin that will give you extra energy from 9am to 5pm, supporting your daily hectic lifestyle.
Kordel’s Executive B
A comprehensive B complex formula with added Vitamin C and minerals, this is said to be able to help with stressful and demanding schedules. Executive B helps minimize the damaging effects of continuous stress and is especially helpful for those who are highly stressed, whether at work or at school, or in situations where dietary intake of nutrients is inadequate.

When choosing dietary supplements, you will have to consider your daily diet and allergies if any especially for supplements that are oil-based. Kordel’s oil-based supplements are designed to cater to consumers with vegetarians, people with seafood allergies and normal diets, so do browse at their array of offering. If Kordel’s does not have your preferred vitamins and supplements, have a browse at other brand offerings like Blackmores and Himalaya Herbal that also offer supplements made from natural sources.