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"One realizes the full importance of time only when there is little of it left. Every man's greatest capital assets is his unexpired years of productive years.", is a quote by Litchfield and what he said is the unwavering truth. Time is indeed essential to a man's life solely because you can never get back the time that you have lost. The fact that time is irreversible might not appeal to a lot of people but, too bad there is nothing we can do about it. People just seem to overlook this sometimes, however there is one way we can remind them of how precious time is and that would be through Komono. As the stylish timepiece from Komono wraps around your wrist, the exquisite luxury that you feel can never be described in words.

Komono Malaysia Prices

Komono is known for its simple yet timeless design for both men and women. The elegant and classy timepieces do not only let us express ourselves but also add as statement pieces of a well-balanced wardrobe. Regardless of the designs or prices of the stylish timepieces, Komono is always attentive to our needs. The pricing ranges from MYR 400.00 and above.

About Komono

Founded in 2009 by Belgian designers Anton Janssens and Raf Maes, Kimono is the perfect blend of vision and timing. These perfectly crafted timepieces are the results from the fierce dedication of quality and craft by the creative people behind Komono. This world-renowned brand is not only loved for its simple and minimalist designs, but also for infusing the passion for fashion and style.

Komono Social Media

Social media is very useful when it comes to giving a brand or product the right exposure. Since social media is a global trend, the particular brand would get noticed in whole. That is why Komono also uses this platform as a bridge to communicate and connect with its global clientele. Now you can just visit its official Facebook to learn more about the brand and its exquisite timepieces. In addition to that you can also follow Komono on Instagram and Twitter to get instant updates on the latest items and promotions!