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Get ready to say goodbye to staples. Not the office supply chain, those little metal pins we’ve relied on for so long to fasten papers together. Japan is currently undergoing the no-staple revolution thanks to some innovative new products that have surprisingly been around for a long time – stapleless staplers! Stapler stapled paper without needle using environment-friendly Concept of 'environment', 'safe' and 'efficiency' intact, halinax press the newly adopted and press expression, without opening the holes in it with metal teeth to crimp very strong paper copy paper about 5 pieces firmly when the gutter clean. In addition, form-flattering when piled up because the binding, not thick. Just flatten out of binding when you want to disconnect, and to remove hose. Compact shape, place and use that also has on hand. ★ Nice commodities ★ 1. Five cards in without opening the holes can be crimped paper firmly press expression Centerfolds. You can close firmly about 5 pieces of copy paper on rough paper with metal teeth, with strong force to crimp press ceremony to adopt the opening hole. This was accomplished with the power lever is lowered enough teeth to transmit, to exert leverage efficient structures and shape of the metal teeth thoroughly. Paper insertion slot with the Guide corner stitch, straight stitch can be easily. The stitch width of only 10 mm in, can staple paper to clean it looks. 2. Binding when you want to remove the bulky unscrew the clean part. During repeated binding, not thick, so form-flattering. Needles and 60% thinner compared to staplers and paper clips. Centerfolds of pen caps that can just flatten out, rubbing the hard what easy to clean off. Therefore, I split the documents, scanning and can be copied. 3. Compact geometry Fully insert the paper, lower the lever can be used easily. Was able to compact to lower the lever forces efficiently transmitted to the tooth shape. You can use that also have on hand and use that. 4. Peace of mind with ' efficient environment-friendly Staple the paper without a needle, so do not need needle supply. Also, without the need to separate disposal of the paper shut the needle from getting mixed into other things to worry about. #kokuyo #harinacspress #staplelessstapler #staplefreestapler #environmentalfriendlystapler

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Kokuyo Staplers Malaysia

If you buy Kokuyo Staplers, you can get 38% off from its original price! Many people prefer STAPLELESS STAPLER SET SLN110G + SLN-MSH305, STAPLELESS STAPLER SET SLN110P + SLN-MSH305 and SLN-MPH105B Stapleless Stapler - Harinacs Press 5 Sheets (Blue) from Kokuyo Staplers. If you are not sure whether to purchase Kokuyo Staplers, you might want to check out these products from Swingline, Max and OEM Branding. iPrice Malaysia offers Kokuyo Staplers for as low as RM 19.00 up to as much as RM 759.00. For colors, White, Pink and Green are amongst the popular shades when it comes to Kokuyo Staplers.