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Men everywhere, listen up! Are you finding it tough to unleash your inner chivalrous qualities? Fret not, for Kiton is here to lend you a helping hand. No matter if you are looking for a suit for a black tie event or something more casual for a date night with your loved ones, everything your want can surely be found in the huge collection at Kiton. Dress up like a gentleman without spending like one for offers you everything Kiton with huge sales and discounts.

Kiton Malaysia Prices

Starting from RM322.80, you can purchase a bottle of Kiton Shower Gel which is a luxurious refreshing body cleanser. Not only does it help to clean impurities without drying out your skin, but the gel instantly helps to pamper the body, mind and spirit. On the other end of the scale, priced at RM327.50 , you can purchase the Kiton Eau De Toilette Fragrance for Men, delivering sparkling masculine scent that can last the whole day.

About Kiton

A name that fashion does not need introduction, Kiton, a luxury fashion house is one of the pioneers whose timeless elegance exceeds any short term trends. The name Kiton came from “chitone”, a type of garment worn by ancient Greek aristocracy which symbolises classicism, quality and social distinction. Its founder Ciro Paone once said, “I appreciate beauty. I am loyal to tradition and I am proud of my work” and thanks to his work that started in 1956, we get to see what true beauty is all about. Ciro Paone has always been in love with quality and his love can be seen in the details of the attire which lasts a lifetime. The Kiton jacket which is the protagonist of the brand’s style, are hand sewn with the a smooth, glossy and in the most flamboyant colours silk lining that wraps the wearer with elegance and class.

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Thanks to the main social media networks, Kiton continues to amaze the world with all their creations. Do follow them on Facebook to get all their updates on everything about Kiton.