Regardless of how much your table costs, buying the inappropriate tablecloth will make it appear dull and unappealing. Below is a guide to help you find the table linen you need.

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Things to Consider When Buying Table Linens

Dining rooms and facilities will not be as welcoming without their appropriate accessories. A dining table that lacks fixtures such as table linen or tablecloth will look dull and less inviting to eat on. Table linens accentuate the look of your dining room. So, if want your dining table to display some style and grace, then cover it with table linen that suits your needs. To find the right table linens for your dining room, you have to consider the size, price, colour and style, and type.


Since drinks get spilt and food stains are common on tablecloths, then you need to look for one that does not get easily smeared. Good table linen should be able to remove stains easily when washing it.


It’s imperative to measure the size of your table to figure out what table linen size suits it. Although table linens normally fall below the edges of tables, it’s still important to get the dimensions. This is because you wouldn’t know if the linen reaches the edges of the table or drops all the way to the floor.


If you prefer quality table linen, then expect to spend a few more bucks. But the upside of this is that you are guaranteed comfort and durability. Not to mention, well-made table linen needs to be changed only once in a while. On the other hand, if you go for something inexpensive, then it’s best to choose one that is resistant to wear and tear as most tablecloths at this price range tend to be inferior in quality.

Colour and Style

Before buying table linens, take the time to think of a good pattern and colour that will accentuate your dining room. For the pattern, there are many different designs to choose from. The common designs are squares and waves. It’s up to you which design will complement your room better. When it comes to the colour, if your dining room displays natural shades then blue or grey table linen will be a great choice. If your room has a palette of gold and other bright colours, then it’s best to go for a red or orange tablecloth.


Tablecloth covers are found in homes, restaurants, hotels, and venues. They come in different types, some are for one-time use like disposable covers while others are reusable like vinyl. Choosing the right type depends on your needs.

Polycotton As the name suggests, it is a combination of polyester and cotton. Since it has polyester included in it, then it lasts longer than table linen that is made from 100% cotton. Plus, it is more resistant to pilling, fading, and shrinking.
Disposable If you don’t like cleaning or washing your table linens from time to time, then a disposable cover is your best option. It comes in various textures and materials like plastic and polyester. Plastic table covers provide complete water resistance, guaranteed to protect tabletops from liquids. They are also easy to clean and dry.
Vinyl Vinyl table covers have the water repellency of plastic covers and the look of polycotton linens. They are affordable and often found in homes and dining establishments. Apart from their aesthetic patterns and colours, what makes them appealing is that they only require less maintenance and are more durable than other table covers. If you want a table cover that is easy to arrange and clean, economical, and decorative, then go for vinyl table covers.