Tongs are tools used for lifting and moving food items, making them essential in every kitchen. If you're in the market for one, get to know the different types of kitchen tongs in Malaysia here. You can also check out the latest kitchen tongs in Malaysia below!

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The Different Types of Kitchen Tongs in Malaysia

Tongs in Malaysia are kitchen tools that have many uses. You can use them to flip meat on the grill, serve salads, stir pasta, open wine bottles, and even reach those hard-to-reach areas in your kitchen. That is why you need to get one that can handle abuse such as high temperatures. However, it’s not easy to get one since kitchen tongs come in different varieties. Fortunately, here is a rundown of the different types of kitchen tongs, providing you the pros and cons of each type.

Stainless Locking Tongs

You’ll see these in many restaurants hanging up. They are used for grabbing hot pans, stirring pasta, lifting and lowering food into and out of hot pots. These tongs operate on a pivot in the very back of the tool and have a mechanism that locks them and holds them shut. The pincers can either come scalloped or in the shape of spatulas for turning food.

Pros: Generally affordable, sturdy, and has a lot of uses.

Cons: If you want to use it for scraping your non-stick pan, you'll have to get a spoon or rubber spatula since its steel ends may scratch or damage your non-stick cookware. Also, its locking mechanism can be a hassle, depending on which model you buy.

Covered Locking Tongs

The great thing about these tongs is that they have all the benefits of stainless steel tongs plus you can use them on any surface.

Pros: The tips of these tongs offer the best grip of the bunch. This is because their scalloped shape is more evident. But do take note that if the scallops are too jagged, you might tear or shred food as you move it. If the item is smooth, you might not be able to get as much of a grip.

Cons: They are slightly clunky to use when moving small and delicate food items a slight bit clunky and may take up more space than the other variants.

Pasta Tongs

Pasta tongs in Malaysia typically wield one piece of metal, which is great for moving large clumps of noodles from boiling water or for serving pasta without ruining it.

Pros: These tongs have tines to easily pick up and swirl stringy foods without them slipping out.

Cons: Unfortunately, these tongs are only great for pasta. Don't try to use them on the grill, as their short handles are terrible to use in high-heat cooking.

Scissored Tongs

Although these tongs appear handy, they can’t hold anything.

Pros: Great for removing hot dogs from hot water. Other than that, it's not useful.

Cons: These tongs can be difficult to manipulate and control, regardless of any kind of dexterity. They can be awkward to use for small food items like fine pasta and too clunky for moving hot dishes and large chunks of meat. If you already have these, by all means use them, but anything these can do, other tongs can do.

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