A vegetable strainer is essential in every kitchen. Together with other quality cookware, you can make vegetable salads and other delicious meals. Here are things you should know about vegetable strainers in Malaysia.


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Things You Should Know About Vegetable Strainers in Malaysia

Water is used in the preparation of many different kinds of meals. Before the food is served, the liquid must be strained out first. With the use of a vegetable strainer, excess water is drained out, separating the vegetables. Aside from their universal function, vegetable strainers come in various materials, types, and costs.

Holes at the bottom and sides

All vegetable strainers have one thing in common no matter what kind or material they are made from: they will have perforations at the bottom and the sides. This net-like area will allow water to drain out whilst the solids are filtered.

Made from different materials

Vegetable strainers are made from different materials. Some are made from stainless steel and aluminum, others from plastic. Also, there are some models that have handles. The handles are typically made of plastic and can be collapsible for easy storage.

Comes in two types

From washing vegetables to rinsing grains, a vegetable strainer is your indispensable tool in the kitchen. There are two types of vegetable strainers – the vegetable colander and salad spinner.

Vegetable Colander

Vegetable colanders are not only designed for veggies, they can also be used for draining water out of pasta noodles and for rinsing rice grains. There are different types of vegetable colanders available in the market and each has its specific uses.

Mesh Colanders

As their name suggests, mesh colanders have fine perforations like in a mesh fabric. Since they have tiny holes, they are great for rinsing small grains like rice, orzo, quinoa. They are also effective in draining the oil out of a liquid. However, cleaning them can be challenging due to their tiny perforations.

Plastic Colanders

This variety is inexpensive and lightweight since it is made from plastic. They typically have larger holes and are perfect for washing vegetables. But they can melt if used for draining hot liquids say straining out the warm liquid from pasta noodles. If you have one, avoid using it with a hot pot or liquids.

Enameled Colanders

Of all the types, these are the most decorative and visually appealing. The enamel surface on these colanders adds an aesthetic touch as well as their intricate patterns. However, these patterns can cause a slow drain. So, you have to choose one that has a lot of holes, particularly on the sides and the base.

Salad Spinner

Make your salad greens clean with a salad spinner. This tool uses centrifugal force to separate the water from the leafy greens. A salad spinner is necessary to keep your salad greens fresh and allow oil and dressing to stick to the leaves.

Are normally inexpensive

You can already find a good vegetable strainer for a few bucks. However, keep in mind that the larger the size, the pricier it gets. So, you should know what you will be using the vegetable strainer for. If you need one for washing off many vegetables, then you to need to get a big strainer. Otherwise, a smaller one is an ideal choice.

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