Sink strainers might seem insignificant but they play a big role in ensuring that solids and waste do not clog the sink drainage and plumbing system. Employing sink strainers will save you the trouble of constantly unclogging your kitchen sink. Read more about the type of sink strainers that you can fix in your sink to filter unnecessary waste below.


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6 Types of Strainers for Your Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink strainer is a metal screen that are usually used in kitchen sinks to enable water to flow through the drain while preventing larger solid items from creating clogs in the pipes. Kitchen sink strainers are usually provided with the purchase of a new sink or basin but there are some strainers that need to be bought separately. The cost of a new strainer will vary depending on its brand, material, and securing mechanism.

There are a variety of sink strainers that are available in the market for you to choose from. All strainers basically perform the same function regardless of its design or material used to make them. Generally, plastic level strainers are the least expensive options whereas stainless steel combination strainers are the most expensive. With so many sink strainers available today, choosing one might not be easy as initially thought. Hence, the common types of sink strainers that you can find in Malaysia are as follow:

Back Nut Strainer

This type of sink strainer is held in place with a back nut. The basket strainer joins the sink to the plumbing system. The strainer is placed in the bottom of the sink. A rubber gasket holds it securely to prevent the water from draining while the back nut holds the entire unit together.

Double Cup Strainer

This strainer features a secondary cup along with a nut that secures the strainer into position. One of the cups will sit securely in the sink while the other can be removed and inserted based on necessity to fill and drain the sink with water.

Flange Strainer

A flange is a type of rim used as a strengthening attachment used in a plumbing system to keep parts secure. Hence, a flange strainer comes with a flange that will secure it to the bottom of the sink.

Level Strainer

The level strainer is one of the most common types of strainers seen in Malaysian households. It sinks over the opening of the sink and is used to prevent drainage of the water. This plastic circular stopper employs suction to retain water in the sink.

Drain Strainer

Another strainer that is commonly found in many Malaysian homes, a drain strainer is a type of sink strainer that is placed securely in the drain. Usually available in a cup-like shape, this stopper can be easily inserted and removed to fill or drain the water in the sink.

Stopper Strainer

This combination strainer is usually let in the drain of the sink. When it is turned, it will prevent water from being drained out of the sink. When it is not turned, it prevents large solid objects from going into the plumbing system.

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