Just when you thought oil strainers were used only for cooking, we came up with other uses. Oil strainers have some weird uses. Find out more here.


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4 Unusual uses for oil strainers in Malaysia

Fried food – the most loved of the food varieties. Fried food varieties are in every Asian heritage. One essential cooking utensil we need for fried food is an oil strainer. Oil strainers are brilliant little inventions that allow you to save time on removing oil from food and dishes. They can be used to separate many other things too. In fact, there are quite a few unusual uses to oil strainers. Have a few of these bad boys in the kitchen and you know you can have some fun with them. Let’s look at some unusual uses for oil strainers.

Separate egg yolks

Wait, what? They’re called oil strainers, but you use them separate egg yolks. As many recipes require us to separate the egg white from the yolk, a simple way to do so is to grab an oil strainer, grab an egg, put a bowl under the strainer and crack the egg over the oil strainer. Tip the egg on the strainer and naturally, the egg yolk will stay on the strainer while the egg white goes right through, into the bowl below and Voila! you’ve separated the egg from the yolk!

Sift flour

Another unusual use for oil strainers is to sift flour. Generally, flour comes in a powder form. That being said, there are usually some nodules of flour that aren’t fine enough. Once again, whip out your oil strainer and get ready to sift the flour to the finest powder. Feel free to sift flour beforehand so that you won’t have to do it when you need the flour desperately. Keep it for times when you will use it to cook or bake.

Catch fish

Another weird use for oil strainers is to catch fish. Just when you thought is couldn’t get any weirder, it does! Are you going fishing at the river? Need to catch little fish for bait? Grab your strainer! Be sure to get a large-mouthed strainer with a long handle. That way, you will be able to reach in to where the fish are. With one swift swoop, scoop up the bait fish and put them in the bucket. Now you have fish with simply a strainer. Don’t forget to wash the strainer before using it for straining food or anything else.

Grate veggies

After catching your fish, you can go back to using the strainer for food purposes. One last unusual use for the oil strainer is for grating veggies. If you’re out on a camping trip and want to grate your carrots, potatoes, or even butter and cheese, but don’t have a grater, grab your oil strainer and get to work. For grating, you could even get a cylinder-shaped filter for easier access.

Now that you know some weird uses for oil strainers, don’t be afraid to use your imagination and use them for other weird purposes. Enjoy!