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A guide on buying dining chairs

It is a necessity for every home to have a dining table and matching it with the perfect dining might take a little more effort. Although matching tables and chairs are very much available in the market, by mixing and matching them, it can tend to be more interesting. Here’s a guide on buying dining chairs.


Parsons chair

First introduced in the 1930s, the name is derived from the Paris’ Parsons School of Design. It features clean lines and would virtually fit in any area of a home.

Side chairs

The most common type of dining chair is the side chair that can be either seen in the kitchen or dining area in many homes around the world. The name is derived from the fact that they sit along the side of the dining table. Furthermore, it is designed to look simple and does not include any armrest. There are an endless variety of designs made from upholstery or wood.

Splat back chairs

An important element of these kinds of chairs is the “splat” located centrally on a chair back. This chair has a long history as you might stumble upon designs in the Gothic era as well as English and Chinese inspired designs.


Another traditional design of the dining chair is the arm chair. The purpose of these chairs is to add depth and character to head or foot of a dining table. Moreover, it gives your dining area a more grand and formal look. The most common designs are typically where the arm is attached to chair back.



Chairs that are made out of this material tend to be minimalistic and straightforward. There is usually no upholstery where the seat is also moulded out of wood, offering comfort as well as style.


Being the comfortable option of dining chairs, it is made with a soft-textured finish and cushioned bottom. Whether if the frame of the chair is wood, metal, wicker or plastic, it can be found on any of them.


One of the more popular types of dining chair materials, it offers similar comfort and style to an upholstered chair. It provides a rich gloss and luxurious quality that only this material can permeate.


Great to be used as a chair for an outdoor dining area, the wicker makes a great seating material particularly in countries with a warmer climate. This is because; the woven fabric is cooling, flexible, and richly textured.


One of the more affordable types of chairs, this material is durable and easily cleaned. They are also made to look more attractive and modern.

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