Bar stools tall chairs, often suitable for use at bars and high tables. Read more about bar stools below.

What is a stool chair? | Is it good for posture to sit on a stool? | How To Choose The Right Stool

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Everything You Need To Know About Stool Chairs

What is a stool chair?

Stools are armless and backless seats that can accommodate one person. A stool is one of the earliest forms of seat furniture. On a base of a stool there are either one, two, three or four legs. Depending on the style that you're looking for, you can choose from the many designs that stools come in.

Is it good for posture to sit on a stool?

For those who is constantly having back pain, sitting on a stool can help to reduce aches and soreness that occur from bad posture. It also encourages 'Active Sitting', which helps to strengthen your core and back muscles. Sit-stand stools may be the solution for back aches after long hours of sitting in the same position. Using an ergonomic sit-stand stool allows rest and recovery between standing periods. In conclusion, alternating between a rest posture and a standing posture significantly reduces straining and discomfort on your joints.

How To Choose The Right Stool

When choosing the right stool for your countertop, there are many factors to consider, including height, style and comfort. Here is a quick guide for you to look through before choosing a stool.

  • Choose the right height

Bar, chair or counter height? Start with measuring the height of your table or counter. Keep in mind you need 9″-13″ between the seat and the counter for comfort.

  • Determine how many stools you can fit

Don't you just hate it when everyone is cramped up, elbow to elbow, while eating a meal? Estimate how many stools you need and how many will fit while also ensuring there is still space to move around between stools.

  • Consider the style of stool

Do you want a trendy design statement or do you want a more basic design? Do you want to match or colour contrast in your kitchen? Are the stools that you want convenient and works well in the space you plan to put in?

What is the height of a bar stool?

The standard bar height averages around 40-46 inches. To compensate for this slightly taller type of table, you should pick a bar stool with a seat height that's 30-36 inches.

What is the difference between a chair and a stool?

It consists of a single seat, for one person, without back or armrests (in early designs), on a base of a stool there are either one , two, three or four legs. A stool is generally distinguished from chairs by their lack of arms and a back. Although, some recent stools have backs.