For a brand that took its name from a famous travel author, Kipling always promises fun and functional bags that can accompany you on all of your adventures. Kipling bags are popular among travelers because it mixes those two important characteristics together. Read more about Kipling bags in the article here.


Why You Should Choose Kipling Bags in Malaysia

Kipling Bags’ Special Material

Kipling bags are highly suitable for traveling and commuting because of its lightness. All Kipling bags, at least their basic collection, uses solid crinkled nylon. This material is waterproof and can be cleaned easily by hand. Newer editions of Kipling bags are made with a combination of nylon, polyester for its lining, and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) as the top coating.

Kipling Bags’ Many Designs

As one of the leading bag brands in the world, Kipling has launched bags in various designs. Some of the best-selling bags from the brand include Kipling backpacks, Kipling slingbags, and Kipling handbags including totes, crossbody, and satchels. To keep up with the trends, Kipling has revamped many of their collections and launched bags in an array of patterns and colors.

Kipling Bags’ Affordable Price Tags

It’s important to look for the most affordable prices when buying a bag that’s suitable for everyday use. Considering all the materials and technology that were used when making their bags, Kipling provides its loyal customers with some of the most affordable prices. Kipling bags are also accessible; you can find a Kipling store in almost all major shopping centers and online through their websites or other online shopping platforms.

Kipling Bags’ Collaborations

To spice up their bag collections, Kipling would often collaborate with designers, celebrities and companies to release limited edition bags and accessories. Some of the collections include the collab with Helena Christensen for Fall 2013, with Italian label Peter Pilotto for A/W 2010, with Belgian fashion blogger Natalie Joos for the Spring 2014 collection, and with David Bromstad for their Fall 2015 luggage collection.

Best Kipling Bags

Here are five Kipling bags that are most loved by travelers, commuters, and all bag-lovers in general. These bags are available in multiple colors and finishes so you can choose the one that will best suit your overall wardrobe.

  • Angie Crossbody Bag – Super light crossbody bag with an adjustable strap available in the colors of Farmhouse Green, Slate Grey, True Blue, and Black. It also comes in 4 metallic colors.
  • Defea Handbag – Spacious handbag with many compartments and pockets. Available in Vibrant Pink, Cool Grey, Black, Tile Purple, Brilliant Jade, Hydrangea, and Ink Blue.
  • Wes Crossbody Bag – Similar to the Angie, the spacious Wes comes with a key clasp, zip pocket, and slip pocket. You can choose from the metallic Toasty Gold and Icy Rose or the normal Tile Purple, Ink Blue, and Black.
  • Felix Handbag – This Kipling bag is available in solid colors, metallic colors, and printed patterns. Scuba Diver Blue, Icy Rose, Cherry, Conversation Heart, Splashy Maze, and Lovely Day Print are just some of the colors and design you can choose from.
  • Sugar S II Mini Bag – This petite Kipling bag is can fit all of your daily essentials. Equipped with top handles and an adjustable strap, the Sugar S II Mini Bag is available in Sweet Corn, Red Rust, Sea Green, Tile Purple, and Black.