Based on the principal of holistic approach, Kinohimitsu focuses on detox, health, and beauty. Enhance your overall wellness with Kinohimitsu Malaysia and click here to learn everything about the brand.

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Everything you need to know about Kinohimitsu Malaysia

When it comes to wellness and youth, Japanese always surprise the rest of the world with their ageless look, particularly the flawless complexion and fit body. There are many secrets to how Japanese live a long, healthy life, but the most prominent one is probably the use of nature-based remedy in nurturing the inner wellness. Kinohimitsu offers various products that assist people in balancing the consumption of daily nutrition, focusing on Detox, Beauty & Health as well as Weight Management. Beauty is not defined by how much of makeup you put on your face because it is better seen from your overall wellness as well as how much you enjoy your life. A person is most beautiful when their body, mind, and soul are kept refreshed and with Kinohimitsu, you might just achieve that. Read on the learn more about the company.

Achieve excellent overall health with Kinohimitsu products

In Japan, people believe in “Mie-nai Oshareh”, which means “unseen beauty”. It explains a lot why most Japanese opt for a tranquil living lifestyle: eat less but for ‘more’, drink tea regularly, indulge in hot spring and so on. Kinohimitsu is an excellent choice for Malaysians to obtain the wellness of people from the land of rising sun. The products of Kinohimitsu cover all aspects of your vital health & beauty habits. They are produced from natural ingredients through a strict process of searching, studying, experimenting, extracting system without external harmful chemical like sugar, artificial colouring, flavouring and such. Furthermore, Kinohimitsu products are guaranteed 100% effective as well as absolute safe to be consumed. The brand has achieved several certifications throughout the years for its excellent commitment to high quality, namely CE Mark, GMP, Halal Certification among others.

Kinohimitsu Detox

In the recent years, detoxing has become a popular method in body cleansing for its positive results. Detoxification is required to get rid of the toxic that has been accumulated in our bodies, to optimize the functionality of our own natural detoxification system. Kinohimitsu offers a wide range of products that fit different body types as well as detox methods which include Wellness Smooth’D Cleanse, D’tox Juice, and D’tox Tea. Maximize the benefits of detoxing with other Kinohimitsu products such as Health Pad, Seat Pad, and Sleeping Pad.

Kinohimitsu Beauty

We are all aware that cosmetics tend to be harmful to our skin over a long period of time. Hence, this is the reason why many of us have shifted to using natural supplements to enhance beauty from the inside out. The formulas used in Kinohimitsu medical products are developed from century-old remedies and natural herbs. The general benefits that these natural supplements have on our bodies are skin smoothening and whitening. Everyone can achieve an impeccable youthful look with Kinohimitsu Beauty products which includes beauty drinks, UV-Bright drink, BB drink, Clear/White Activ, StemCell drink, and BustUP drink.

Kinohimitsu Health

Just as important as maintaining your look and staying healthy, it is also important in order to live a more refreshing and better life. As an old adage goes, “No Health, No Wealth”; no matter how much of money you invest in expensive cosmetic or beauty products, a stressful and tiring soul can only do so much. With an energetic body, you can enjoy life delightful while pampering yourself to have that ageless Japanese look. Health brings joy to everyone, which can be achieved with Kinohimitsu health products such as Maca Men, JointPro 360, Eye Bright, Bio-Booster, Royal Bird Nest, and Superfood.

Kinohimitsu Weight Management

On top of daily work out and exercise, you can take Kinohimitsu’s weight management products to maximize the result in the intended time frame. Take the supplements together with a regular diet plan will work wonders to your body shape. You will be able to achieve that hour class figure in no time! Some of Kinomitsu’s products that are widely used are Tummy Tuck, BodySlen Drink, KilosCut, and Diet Meal.

Awards & Recognition

The company and the products have won numerous awards which includes accolades conferred by the media, business associations, and partner retailers. For two year in a row (2008 to 2010), Kinohimitsu was named the No.1 Brand in the Beauty Functional Drink category from Euromonitor Research House. Moreover, the company was the winner of the Most Improved Local Brand in 2015 at the 11th Singapore Media Awards. As they are known to deliver seamless and enhanced service to its customers, it comes as no surprise that Kinohimitsu has received the Service Class certification.