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Kingston Malaysia: Keeping Your Data Safe Like a King

Kingston Malaysia: What’s So Royal About It?

We will get straight to the point in answering that question: Kingston Technology Corporation is the largest independent producer of DRAM memory modules in the world—owning up to 59% of the third-party worldwide DRAM module market share. What started off as a business to respond to the severe shortage of surface-mount memory chips in the high-tech marketplace in 1987, Kingston Technology was established by two bright individuals named John Tu and David Sun with the drafting and designing of a new single in-line memory module (SIMM).

With every innovation and skyrocketing revenue, Tu and Sun’s establishment of a solution to a problem became one of the world’s leaders in flash memory products and computer-related memory products today. Find out more below.

Kingston Malaysia: Sticking Your Data into Memory Safely

Kingston Technology mainly operates in innovating, designing, producing, and marketing flash memory products for computers, electronics, and consumer gadgets. We are going to talk about six main categories of what makes the Kingston brand at a royalty level of the DRAM memory market. The six main categories are:

  1. Memory
  2. SSD
  3. USB Drives
  4. Flash Cards
  5. Wireless
  6. Embedded


Kingston designs and manufactures two types of memory; Server Memory and Desktop/Notebook Memory. Kingston’s Server Memory products are foremost JEDEC Spec of which industry-standard memories are competitively priced and are able to deliver award-winning performance. They also feature Locked BOM (Bill of Materials), sets of ideal white box systems that require consistent brands of DRAM. Besides being manufacturer certified, Kingston’s Server Memory are system specific, so you can upgrade in inclination of what is currently running in your system.

If you are searching for reliable memory for your notebook and desktop, then Kingston’s extremely reliable and high performance Desktop/Notebook Memory products are the ones you should find. Being industry standardized with competitively-priced ValueRAM, system-specific to fit all, and provided extreme performance for all your heave-duty tasks, Kingston’s Desktop/Notebook Memory is the best you can get for your mobile personal computer.


Kingston’s SSD (Solid-State Drive) line-up consists of four main classes; Consumer, Business, Enterprise, and System Builders. To cut it short SSDs are incredibly faster than their HDD counterparts. They are considered the next step in the evolution of PC storage that run faster, quieter, and cooler.

For the Consumer line-up, Kingston has four main SSD products and they are the V300, V310, FURY, SAVAGE, and Predator. Each one of these SSDs was manufactured to comply to upgrade the speed of your system’s processor and to revive older systems. The V300, KC380, KC310, and KC400 make up Kingston’s Business SSD line-up. They are tailor-made to fit notebook and desktop PC use, whilst extending the life of older systems. For large industries that depend on large, chilled rooms crowded with server towers, Kingston’s Enterprise SSDs provide only the best and most reliable. With server virtualization features, coupled with cloud computing capabilities, you can be ensured that your data is arranged in an organized manner maximize cost and performance of large tasks. As of now, Kingston manufactures two main Enterprise SSDs; the E100, and the E50. The mS200, M.2 SATA, s200, and Predator are big product names that reign supreme in Kingston’s System Builder SSDs. They are purpose-built memory for small form factor PCs and Appliances. They also feature specialty integrators.

USB Drives

In need of a more mobile memory storage? Kingston has its own DataTraveler USB Drives. Featuring three main categories, Kingston USB Drives offer capacities to your liking whilst ensuring fast data transferring and secure storage.

Kingston’s Personal Drives are all personal. Small, compact but can carry data up to 1TB in storage, these personal USB Drives are legendary as they represent Kingston’s reliability in quality and security. Even more so, they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors—very personal indeed.

Wanting a more secure and air-tight data storage? Kingston’s Encrypted Drives do just that. With a hefty variety of drives to meet the specific agencies like TAA and FIPS compliances, these encrypted USBs are far ideal for Governmental and Corporate users.

A new feature from Kingston in matters of USB Drives is their Windows-To-Go Drives. They offer capabilities to house Microsoft’s use of the Windows-To-Go feature, which provides IT administrators mobile and contingency workers with secure access to the corporate environment.

Flash Cards

Got a camera and you take a wholesome amount of pictures? Then you are in need of reliable and quality flash cards. Kingston provides the solution to this through its three main categories of flash cards. Kingston also manufactures card readers to ease the data viewing and transfer of any user.

Photo/Video SD Cards

These SD cards are tailor-made to suit the everyday use of professional photo and video taking. They come with exceptional speed, huge capacities, and one of the many reasons why Kingston reigns legendary in reliability.

Mobile Devices microSD

Need more space in your smartphone, tablet, or PDA? Kingston’s microSDs are extremely reliable in providing storage space, speed, and dependability. They all come in different sizes and speeds, along with attractive accessories to suit your every need.

High-End Photo (CompactFlash)

Designed and customized for exceptional photo and video taking, these CompactFlash cards are of the highest demand due to their capabilities, speed, and storage space. If you are a professional photographer or if you are a director-rising-in-fame, never leave your home without one of these babies.


Kingston’s MobileLite Wireless Reader does exactly what the name entails—read, store, and browse your files on-the-go without the hassles of cables and wires. The MobileLite Wireless Reader is tailor-made for smartphones and tablets, features capabilities of freeing up valuable space in them, sharing of data between three other users via Wi-Fi, and as an emergency charger for your smartphone. It does not get any better than this in matters of data storage devices!

Kingston Technology Malaysia: Memory Storage Evolution Perfected

Kingston provides and claims the perfect solution to data storage for its users on any device or appliance. Be it a laptop, server, or your very own smartphones, Kingston’s memory storage products are reliable, efficient, and most of all versatile. Having been said as the foremost leader in the evolution of data storage, you can never go wrong with the added data space or the exact amount of space you need. Better yet, you should get yourself a storage device from Kingston right now. Get them right here on!

Happy Shopping!