Can you imagine sleeping on beds without mattresses? You’ll have night after night of uncomfortable sleep. Thankfully, with the invention of mattresses, everyone can sleep soundly. What better way to get a goodnight’s rest with King Koil Malaysia vast range of mattresses! Scroll below to learn more.


Tips on choosing the right mattresses with King Koil Malaysia

Since its inception in 1983, King Koil Malaysia has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality sleep-related products in the country. KingKoil bedding in Malaysia develops and manufactures a wider range of sleep products that cater to different needs. They have Inner Spring mattresses, Latex mattresses, Fibre Coir mattress, HR Foam mattresses, Memory Foam mattresses, Divan Foundations, and many other accessories. Read on to learn more about how you can select the right type of King Koil mattress.

Types of mattresses

Open spring mattress

The spring mattresses such as King Koil’s Inner Spring mattresses typically contain one long piece of metal wire coiled into numerous springs. For the coils to maintain its shape and provide structure in the mattresses, an additional border rod or wire is also installed. These types of mattresses are great value for money and are easier to move from one bedroom to another. Most of the time, the KingKoil bedding is machine-stitched rather than hand-stitched. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be used for guest rooms or as your child’s bed. This is because; it is less supportive and also needs regular replacement.

Pocket spring mattress

Another type of KingKoil bedding is the pocket spring mattress which is more luxurious compared to the open spring mattresses. Typically, they are made from individual, small springs that are housed in their own pocket of fabric. The springs move independently and provide more support which is suitable to be used long-term. Depending on your bed preference, you can buy soft, medium or firm versions. This is an ideal option for couples as the separate springs help cater to the different needs and weights. On top of that, it lessens the risk of you rolling on top of your partner throughout the night.

Memory foam mattress

For those suffering from back problems, they will benefit the most from memory foam KingKoil bedding. The modern mattresses are made from mouldable materials which also responds well to temperature and weight as well as hypoallergenic properties. It helps to relieve pressure on your joints as the memory foam moulds to the shape of your body and absorbs your weight. However, it is not suited for everyone as it causes a sinking motion and can get rather warm, which can be rather uncomfortable. Nonetheless, it makes a great mattress for those who need support for their back.

Latex mattress

King Koil’s line of natural response latex mattresses is made from 100% natural eco-latex which offers superior comfort as it is an especially breathable material. It is best used for those who live in hotter climates as the mattress will not feel warm throughout the night. Although is slightly costly compared to the other types of mattresses, it is worth the investment as it is extremely durable and can last a lifetime. Similar to the memory foam KingKoil bedding, it also has hypoallergenic properties and makes a great option for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Size of mattress

When it comes to choosing the size of the mattress, always be reminded that freedom of movement is important to quality sleep. The sizes offered at KingKoil bedding in Malaysia are Single (91x190), Super Single (107x190), Queen (152X190), and King (183X190). The company also offers special sizes that are available upon order. The best choice for 2 people would be a queen or king-size, depending on the space available. Compared to the super single size, a queen size KingKoil bedding offers an extra-square foot of sleeping space. King Koil also offers King-sized models with a split foundation/divan where each section is measured at 91cmX190cm and is suitable for homes with narrow stairways.

Firmness of mattress

Depending on what type of sleeper you are, the firmness of the KingKoil bedding will affect the quality of your sleep. Your sleeping position, height, and weight should also be taken into consideration. There are mainly four types of mattress firmness which are soft, medium soft, medium-firm, and firm. Sleepers who often change positions during the night are best suited for soft or medium-soft mattresses. For those who suffer from back problems and need extra support, it is advisable for them to opt for the medium-firm mattresses. Lastly, firm mattresses are suited to sleepers who sleep on their front. This will keep your back in a relatively comfortable and stable position without allowing you to sink into the mattress while you sleep.

When do I change my old mattresses?

Mattresses lose their comfort and support very gradually which can become easily unnoticeable. So, it is advisable to replace your mattress when you are having difficulty getting a night of restful sleep. Fortunately, KingKoil bedding is made with high-quality materials. It’s designed so that it would last longer and would stay comfortable after hundreds of nights of sleep. You can start considering changing your KingKoil bedding after 10 years or if you see any visible damage on the surface of the mattress.

Your pillows are equally important when it comes to having a night of restful sleep. Thankfully, KingKoil bedding in Malaysia has a wide range of pillows for you to choose from!

What is a chiropractic spring mattress?

In a nutshell, a chiropractic spring mattress is designed to support the posture of an individual. It’s highly beneficial for those with back pain or those with minor scoliosis. Spring mattresses are also great in minimizing disturbance from your partner as none of the springs is attached to one another. Contact your chiropractor if you need further assistance with choosing the perfect KingKoil bedding.

Where is a KingKoil bedding made?

King Koil is an American mattress brand so most of their manufacturing compounds are located in the United States. King Koil has distributed their mattresses to over 90 countries across the world.

How much is a KingKoil bedding?

It all depends on the size and type of your mattress. Make sure that you do enough research on the type of bedding that will suit you the most before purchasing a KingKoil bedding.