We spend a third of our lives sleeping. So it only makes sense to get a good quality mattress to sleep on. King Koil Malaysia is a household name for a reason and their mattresses can be found in retail stores and world-class hotels around the world.


The 3 Things Worth Splurging On

There are only a few things you should splurge on, the kinds of things you spend most of your time on - your smartphone, your laptop and your mattress. Think about it - if you are going to spend most of your life using these products, why not the get the best ones?

A good smartphone will allow you to do things faster and smoother, likewise with laptops. They can help you accomplish more work in less time and make work more enjoyable. But there’s one thing that’s far more important - it more or less determines whether you will be performing at your peak or not - your mattress.

Considering that we sleep 8 hours a day (which makes up one-third of our lives), waking up on a terrible mattress is bad idea and decision. What’s worse is coming home to a terrible mattress after a hard day’s work. No, you want to sleep longer and you want to sleep better. Sleep time is rest and relaxation time.

With all this in mind, would it fair to say your bed may just be the most important furniture in your house? I’d say yes. But now you ask “so why King Koil over any other mattress brand?” Here’s why.

Sleep Like a King with King Koil

Originally founded as United States Bedding in 1898 by Samuel Bronstein, King Koil has expanded to become a household name across the globe. It all started in the early 1900s when they became innovators and greatly improved bedsprings. It was then that the King Koil name was born.

Today, King Koil mattresses are sold in over 90 countries worldwide, with its global headquarters just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Throughout its years of operation, King Koil has received and been honoured many distinctions, including endorsements from the International Chiropractors Association (ICA).

Often known in Malaysia has the “mattress used in hotels”, many mattress buyers deliberately seek out King Koil as their primary choice for a good night's sleep.

Types of King Koil Mattress Malaysia

King Koil Luxury Hotel Collection

5-star hotels are a dream. The dinners, room service, ambience; but most of all, the beds. Firm and lush. Comfy and cosy. Now, you can’t sleep at a hotel all the time, but you can sleep on a 5-star hotel mattress right at home with King Koil Luxury Hotel Collection. All mattresses are made to full hotel mattress specification so you can rest and relax as though you are on vacation.

King Koil Deluxe Suites

Part of the Luxury Hotel Collection Evolution 2.0 collection, King Koil Deluxe Suites mattresses combine the elegance and the luxury of high-end hotels into an affordable bed you can take home to your bedroom. The mattress height is 34cm.

King Koil Regal Comfort 10

If you are looking for a hotel quality mattress at an accessible price, look no further than the King Koil Regal Comfort 10. Introduced as part of the Luxury Hotel Collection, it’s a great starter mattress for those who want to experience sound sleep at home. The mattress height is 33cm.