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kinetic sand Crafts for Kids

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kinetic sand 1KG Inflatable Tray and Castle Mold Set (8 pieces)
RM 10.90

Kinetic Sand, Castle Mold Set, and Tray! Kinetic sand or play sand stays clumped, come with the container! Play sand (Kinetic series) is an indoor play sand with the properties of motion. It is different from traditional sand play! This product includes 7 pieces of castle mold set and also an inflatable plastic tray.   You can play the sand with your kids to make all kinds of things with it, for example castles, volcanoes, pies etc. Playing with kinetic sand is a magical and mesmerizing experience, giving a moment of relaxation for both young and old.    Kinetic sand enhances sensory awareness, fine motor skills, and creativity. It helps to reduce stress for both adults and kids, it also assists your kids to captures and maintains attention!Play sand (Kinetic series)is great for sensory issues and therapy use, it can be used to build small structures and large structures.    No directions are needed.Ideal for individuals or groups. No mess, designed for indoor play.    There is no fluid and no place for bacteria to grow, non-toxic and gluten free. Let’s get one today to foster your kids creativity and imagination. Run the soft sand and play with it through your hands as a relaxing activity!   IMPORTANT NOTE : If any part of the toys is broken, please send photo via what's app to 012-8382 383 together with your order number and name. We will replace the broken part to you immediately without charging you any shipping fees. You might also like   Kinetic Sand 1KG with Truck playset and Inflatable Tray ​ Kinetic Sand 1KG Sand and Beach Mold Set Kinetic Sand 1KG with Inflatable Sand Tray with Handle Kinetic Sand 1KG With Truck Playset   Back to ELOYZA Online Toys Store

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kinetic sand 1KG
RM 14.90 RM 29.00

What is it? Squishy Sand is no-mess sand that kids can use to make sand creations indoors. It can be used on any flat surface, including floors, and won't stick to kids' hands and clothing or any household objects. Each sand kit, which makes a great birthday gift, comes with a supply of non-toxic sand, and three plastic utensils: a roller, a scratching knife, and a shovel. Additionally, you can also use cookie cutters or any other plastic molds with the sand to create even more unique shapes. Squishy Sand is suitable for both boys and girls aged five and up. How does it work? Although it won't stick to anything else, Squishy Sand sticks together easily, allowing kids to play with it without making a mess. It is packable and shapeable, and can be easily sliced or broken into bits by hand or with a plastic utensil, so there are almost no limits to the objects or scenes that it can be used to create. Since it does not easily slip through the fingers, it won't leave even a trace of particles on your tables, floors, or anywhere else it is used. Plus, its ingredients ensure that it will never dry out. How to use it: 1. Plop your blob of Squishy Sand down wherever you choose to use it, as it won't damage anything. 2. Use the roller, shovel, and plastic knife, plus your hands and any additional utensils or molds you have to cut and mold the sand into ships, forts, racing tracks, animals, or anything else you choose to create. 3. When you're finished, simply stick all the sand you've used back together, and store it in a container for later use. Advantages: *Suitable for children of both genders, ages five and up Designed for indoor use * Non-toxic *Doesn't make a mess of users or the location of use *Won't damage household objects Doesn't slip though fingers *Can be easily molded, stacked, and sliced Makes a good gift for a child Why is it better than regular sand? Regular sand must be played with outdoors, while Squishy Sand has been designed for use indoors, although you can take it outdoors if you like. It is often difficult to stack and pack regular sand without using water, but this sand can always be packed and stacked easily. Due to its ability to stick to itself, it won't slip through your fingers, leaving a messy trail, as regular sand often does. While children may get sick if they ingest the sand from an outdoor sandbox or beach, Squishy Sand is non-toxic, so it won't cause them any serious harm.

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Top kinetic sand Crafts for Kids Price List 2018

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Kinetic Sand (1kg) Play & Learn RM 34.90 Youbeli
Ice Cream Truck 8oz (227g) RM 163.10 Lazada
Theme Pack Set 10oz (283g) Asst RM 105.50 Lazada
Shimmering Gem Sand 1lb (454g) Asst RM 118.00 Lazada
Boxed Set Sand 1lb(454g) Asst RM 143.90 Lazada
Folding Sandbox RM 191.90 Lazada
Kinetic Sand RM 40.00 Youbeli
1KG with Truck Playset and Inflatable Tray RM 13.00 Eloyza
Boxed Set Sand 1lb(454g) Asst RM 134.90 Mighty Utan
Theme Pack Set 10oz (283g) Asst RM 98.90 Mighty Utan
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-48% Kinetic Sand (1kg) Play & Learn

Available in Youbeli RM 68.00 RM 34.90 Go to Shop

kinetic sand Crafts for Kids Malaysia

 Enjoy up to 52% when you purchase kinetic sand Crafts online on iPrice Malaysia. Kinetic Sand (1kg) Play & Learn, Ice Cream Truck 8oz (227g) and Theme Pack Set 10oz (283g) Asst are the most popular series of kinetic sand Crafts. If you are thinking twice about getting kinetic sand Crafts, then check out Play-Doh, louis will and Crayola. You can get great deals on kinetic sand Crafts at iPrice Malaysia for as low as RM 11.00 up to as much as RM 192.00!  There are several types of kinetic sand Crafts: Clay. Purple, Green and Brown are just some of the most in-demand colors of kinetic sand Crafts.