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KICKERS – Kick up a storm with KICKERS

Celebrate four decades of Kick Hi with us on iprice. From 1969 to this present day, Kickers continues to define a culture hungry generation with their range of shoes. Kickers has been the heart and continual pulse across the story of subculture and style over the last four decades and it has never missed a beat.

KICKERS Malaysia – Jogging down the sweet memory lane

It all began back in the 1970s when Daniel Raufast, the life giver of KICKERS, stopped his steps to look at a poster of HAIR, the American Musical that expresses a widespread desire for personal freedom. Day after day, a whole generation of individuals bursting with energy invents an original way of life in tune with their dream and aspirations. The key words that these young game changing individuals live for are

  • Independence
  • Optimism
  • Imagination
  • Escape

These dreams were clearly reflected in this individual, even down to the way they dressed in practical, colourful clothes that emphasizes their identity. But the key element that that has been missing in this imaginative and creative look – a form of footwear that would be able to distinguish what they are to shoes like what jeans are to trousers, a symbol of an alternative culture, both a way of expressing their difference and a promise of new pleasures. This shoe that first made its appearance to the whole world in spring of that same year is called KICKERS.

Just like the ultimate pair of denim, the cult clothing of the children of the rock generation, KICKERS are strong, practical and comfortable. And just like the multi-coloured shirts that were such a hype during the Flower Power generation, the shoes from KICKERS are bright, cheerful and colourful. Not leaving out everything that the offspring of the Swinging sixties like to wear, KICKERS represents them by being simple with authentic qualities of natural materials.

Some of the distinctive signs of this new footwear that rapidly emerged are based on the codes that characterises a pair of jeans –

  • the label sewn onto the uppers
  • the engraved eyelets
  • the red and green circles on the heels (originally to tell the left from the right foot)
  • the KICKERS logo hot branded onto the back of the shoe

Armed with more than 40 years of experience in this field, today KICKERS is staying closer than ever to their roots, defining themselves as the lifestyle choice and a modern, authentic brand that transcends generation.

KICKERS – From an idea to the change that the world needs

Ever wondered how those KICKERS were ever created? How are they designed so beautifully without forgetting their practical aspects? The making of a shoe from KICKERS goes through several stages that implies the work of different professionals.

The Designer’s Office

The whole life of a pair of KICKERS shoes starts in the designers’ office. Their designers are always updated of the latest trends in the shoe world would define the last and the sole unit before setting up the fitting properties of the style. After having defined this, these bunch of creative designers would then draw out different styles that would make up a collection.

Cutting and Stitching

While drawing, the mind of the designer would have already decided on the materials and colours that they would use for a specific model. After deciding on everything, the different pieces of the shoe would then be cut, prepared (skived: thinned on the outside to avoid thickness at the assembling points), folded, gimped, perforated, etc), then stitched or joined together to become a finished unit called the upper.

Lasting and Finishing

The upper would usually be put on the last to give shape to the shoe. It is then fixed to the insole and the outsole by 2 different techniques – Veldt and Kneipp. The assembled shoe would then be inspected on quality and colour shades, cleaned to take off the excess glue. After the different parts of the shoe is arranged properly, these shoes are then ready for packaging.

Each model passes through various fitting tests within the company, in schools and playgrounds to offer the best comfort and make sure the shoe will maintain its excellent quality for as long as the shoe is used.

KICKERS Malaysia – Their game changing technology

They say that the style is what makes the shoe but that is not the case for KICKERS. This brand is defined by their amazing technologies which makes a clear change to the way your feet feels and the whole anatomy of the shoe.

  1. Micro Fresh – With the micro- fresh technology, you can say goodbye to smelly feet. This tech inhibits odour-causing bacteria, leaving your shoe feeling and smelling fresh.
  2. Cushion Foam – Walk in soft, fluffy clouds with KICKERS that has cushion foam embedded in their footwear. This foam provides significant cushioning underfoot that will never change its form, making the shoe squishy and comfy forever.
  3. Scuff Resistant – Shoes will stay looking better for a longer period as the leather used has a thick, abrasion resistant coating to its outer surface.
  4. Shock-absorbing outsole - This particular piece of technology when combined with the cushion foam provides superior comfort for the foot. The PU outersole is not solid but has a lower density than most outsole materials providing a great feel underfoot whilst making it a really lightweight shoe.
  5. StayKlean - Coated with Kickers’ Stay Klean water repellent and stain resistant finish — to keep kicks looking fresh.

KICKERS - Putting your best foot forward in only the best

Here are the best sellers that you can find at KICKERS.

  • Men’s Kick Hi Gaiter Darth Vader – The Star Wars Collection
  • Kick Hi Vader Lightsaber Junior – The Star Wars Collection
  • Kick Hi One Infant – The Love Hearts Collection
  • Men’s Kick H Gaiter Storm Trooper - The Star Wars Collection
  • Men’s Kick Hi Denim – Limited Edition
  • Kick Hi Youth
  • Men’s Kick Hi
  • Kick Kilo Strap Infant
  • Kick Hi Junior
  • Women’s Kick Hi

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