Kia is a huge brand in the world of cars. The Korean automotive company has come a long way since its beginnings. Kia Malaysia is proud to bring you that very same revolutionary technology to our shores. Kia cars like the Sorento, Kia Picanto, Kia Sportage, Rio, and Kia Cerato are popular throughout the country. Here are 3 Kia cars you could consider getting if you’re looking to upgrade your ride.


3 Kia Malaysia Cars You Should Consider

The brand we all know as a car and vehicle brand is much more than that. The truth is, Kia has, for many years brought innovative technology to our shores. Starting in Korea, Kia has become a global name in everything from cars to home appliances. Partnering with Mazda, Kia brought in cars in the late 1980s and with its merger with Hyundai in 1998, the quality of automotive technology that followed was pure genius. In the early 2000s, Kia launched a series of cars such as the Optima, Sorento, Cerato, Picanto and Soul that were affordable and down-right irresistible. Today, we enjoy Kia’s success in the beauty of the car’s heritage. Every year, we look forward to Kia car technology in motor shows and car advertisements.

Here in Malaysia, Kia is famous for its vehicles as well as vehicle parts and much more. Kia cars are slowly but surely dominating our automotive market. Just take a look on our Malaysian roads and you will find the best of A, B, and C segment cars within Kia’s range. But which cars make the best choices for you? Let’s find out. Here are 3 Kia cars sold in Malaysia that you may want to get.

Kia Picanto

Good things come in little packages. The same can be said about the Kia Picanto. This little cutie is the ultimate city car thanks to its petite size and practical features. For an A-segment car, the Picanto rivals other hatchbacks with a little extra. At first glance, you may think this small car is does not offer much in terms of interior space. But once you sit in, you find a world of difference. There is enough legroom for even a 6.5ft individual. The steering wheel is leather-wrapped with dual tone colours (white/black). The added ‘toys’ include a push start button and LED headlamps.

The Picanto is sold in Automatic transmission in Malaysia. If you are lucky, you may find the manual transmission variant which is extremely rare. As for handling, the low center of gravity provides a stable and firm grip when taking corners. You may get a little sway for those sitting at the back (when taking sharp turns), but the seatbelts help keep you in place. Its wide stance keeps the car on the ground even at higher speeds. You also get a solid drive with the weight-to-weight steering. Second hand, the Picanto could go to low prices, affordable enough for first-time car buyers.

Kia Cerato

Now we enter the mid-sized sedan segment with the Kia Cerato. Compare the Cerato with the older Kia models and you will find that this model outshines its predecessors by generations. Just the looks of the Cerato alone are sleek and fluid unlike the boxy, square-looking Kia sedans (Kia Optima 2003) of the past. Priced below RM100K, you get all the beauty without extravagant pricing. The Cerato also offers optimal comfort for 5 passengers. Here are some incredible interior features you will find in the Cerato:

  • Climate control
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Supervision Cluster
  • Ventilated Seats
  • Smart Trunk System (Automatic Trunk)
  • Cruise Control
  • Paddle Shifters
  • Hill Start Assist Control (HAC)

The Cerato also features a MacPherson strut front suspension system with an insulator to disperse shocks and vibrations. Combined with large brakes with an enlarged master cylinder, the safety is enhanced and upgraded. A 6-airbag system insulates all passengers in a collision and sensors around the vehicle make parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces easy. The 6-speed automatic transmission allows for easy, fuss-free driving. With the combination of all these features, the Cerato is the perfect car for those who want a practical, comfortable 4-door sedan.

Kia Sportage

Time to upgrade your ride with the Kia Sportage. From the early 2000s, the Sportage was one of the favourites among Malaysians in the SUV category. Bringing in the concept of soft-roader, the Kia Sportage shed new light on how driving can be fun. Today’s model has done away with the rounded bug-eyed front headlamps and replaced them with sleek, aggressive looking eyes. The LED headlamps are a significant presence in the rear-view mirror of any car.

The Sportage also brings comfort to the next level. With dual moonroof concept, you can have a view of the beautiful sky especially on a sunny day or on a clear night. Automatic mirrors, headlamps, sensors, and seats also give you and your passengers a driving comfort unlike any other. You may want to check out more of the Sportage’s features by going on the official Kia website or check out the models online.

Ultimately, Kia cars give you great value for money, at the same time, increase your status in your daily drive. Go test drive a Kia car today and feel the difference for yourself.