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Kessler Hand Sweeper Version 2 Wireless Rechargeable Triangular Sweeper KS-8998
RM 178.90 RM 220.00

Kessler Rechargeable Triangular Sweeper KS-8998 • Second generation • Ultra-light weight at 1.1kg • Up to 2 hours of sweeping action • Triangular design allows for maximum movement flexibility • Corner bumpers designed to protect against wall surfaces • No messy wirings and cables • Sleek aluminum handle design • Easy to store Built-in rechargeable alkaline battery. 3 rotating brushes Able to sweep on various types of floors Auto-electrical flow termination system Easy-to-release dust collection bin Size (L x W x H): 29.5 x 34.5 x 9.5 Weight: 2kg Colour: Red,Green,Purple,Pink A dirty and dusty floor can be one of the main reasons that people in the house gets sick easily. Clean your homes with the Kessler Triangular Rechargeable Sweeper effortlessly! With built-in rechargeable alkaline battery, its 3 rotating brushes is able to sweep on various types of floors. Its auto-electrical flow termination system allows you to charge for 3 hour and you are able to use it up to 2 hours. Maintaining a clean home is no easy feat. Besides continuously cleaning different areas, it is achievable with tools that make home cleaning easy. The Rechargeable Triangular Sweeper does exactly just that. Get one of the intelligent solution to house-chores today, and get everyone involved in keeping your home clean. With ease A clean and wonderful home is one that is welcoming and comfortable to spend most of your time indoors. With powerful rotating brushes on three sides, the sweeper picks up debris from all sides. With circulating rotating corner brushes, cleaning hard to reach places is now made accessible. Don’t worry about damaging walls and furniture, as the Rechargeable Triangular Sweeper comes with strategically placed bumper pads. Simply charge the battery when the sweeper has ran out of batteries. Easy management Making house chores even more pleasurable, the “clean hand” quick release dust bin empties dust and dirt collected within second, and will close the section once the Rechargeable Triangular Sweeper comes in contact with the floor once more. Conveniently placed on/off switch at the handles, makes using the sweeper easy and accessible. Get the Rechargeable Triangular Sweeper, and clean your house with ease. Note:1 Year Warranty 【產品簡介】 日本無線充電三角形電動掃地機,輕巧無線電動掃地機全新設計重量更輕,操作更方便,下置式馬達機器重量不會全部都在手上,三角設計三面皆有吸入口,掃地清潔無死角,貼近人性化的腳踏式電源開關設計,大人小孩皆可使用,機器重量僅1.1公斤,連續使用也不會覺得手痠。機身內附充電電池,可以重複使用。特殊三角形設計,360度旋轉,到哪都不設「線」,清掃無死角,體積小好收納,是您絕佳掃除的好幫手。 【產品特色】 ✓ 方便收納,單手也能操作 ✓ 輕鬆清潔縫隙,打掃無死角 ✓ 360度旋轉機頭,清潔面積大 ✓ 瓷磚、木地板、地毯均可使用 ✓ 電池供應,清潔無牽絆,走到哪掃到哪 ✓ 按壓機體上方按鈕,即可打開下蓋倒垃圾 ✓ 三角皆有防碰撞膠塊,避免磨損家具/物品 ✓ 每次充電清掃面積約:約60~100平方公尺(視使用方式而定) 每次充電可用時間:約40 分鐘(視使用方式而定) 【產品規格】 名稱:充電式無線清潔掃地機吸塵器/無線充電三角形電動掃地機 充電時間:初次6小時以上,往後4小時 一次充電後可用:約40分鐘 型號:KS-8998 配件:主機X1 標配電池X1 變壓器X1 握把X3 #readystock #kessler #sweeper #kesslersweeper #無線充電三角形電動掃地機 #電動掃地機 #掃地機 #吸塵器

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Kessler Rechargeble Triangular Sweeper
RM 129.00 RM 299.00

#Kessler | #Sweeper | #RechargeableSweeper | #KesslerSweeper | #1yearwarranty Kessler Wireless Rechargeable Triangular Sweeper (totally MOBILE vacuum cleaner, w/o any wire attached) - Easily make your home cleaning comfortable & effective. So no more tedious routine house cleaning exercise time consuming and tiring, with the intelligent designs - as this is one of the most innovative & smart products invented lately. Product Specifications and Features ​1.6kg, weight, apcked box size : 298 x 340 x 93 mm. Power Input : 100-240v, 0.3A Power output : 5.5v, 0.25A Battery : Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable, 4.8v 1300mAh. Clean in all directions with 4 powerful brushes Corner bumper pads - to protect walls & furniture on contacts. Easy access foot pedal on/off switch located on base sweeper - no need to bend down while in sweeping operations. ​Powerful Rotating Brushes, Circular rotating Corner Brushes, Clean Dust Bin Indicator, Clean hand Quick Release Dust Bin, Rechargeable - Nickel/Metal Hydride Batteries (NIMH), 4.8v DC, 1300mAh​ POWERFUL ROTATING BRUSHES: Pick up debris for all sides of the unit CIRCULAR ROTATING CORNER BRUSHES: Designed for hard-to-reach areas. CLEAN DUST BIN: Indicates when the dust bin is full and need to be emptied CLEAN HANDS - QUICK RELEASE DUST BIN: Just pull the dust release level & empty dust particles into dust pin. Dust bin automatically closes on contact with the floor. Warranty by Voxtera 1-year warranty upon manufacturing defect from date of receive. For warranty claims: STEP 1: Email Voxtera at warranty@voxtera.com and provide the following details: - Name - Contact number - Delivery address ​ - Purchase Order number - Problem STEP 2: Upon confirmation, a mailing address will be provided. STEP 3: Faulty products must be delivered in its original packaging (including accessories, manuals, and documentation) to Voxtera Delivery costs for warranty claim / return / repair covered by customer. Voxtera will cover delivery costs of replacement or repaired product to customer. Printed receipt will be required as proof of purchase. Warranty claims which do not fulfil the steps above will not be processed due to missing information.

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Kessler Malaysia

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